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Major electrical problem - URGENT!

  Fabia VRS Special Ed
Was setting off tonight when I noticed hardly any of the bulbs were working on my car...the radio bulbs, speedo bulbs, drivers side window switches, pass side sidelight, numberplate bulb & pass side rear light.

Last night I noticed that the numberplate bulb wasn't working but all of the others still did...I took the numberplate bulb out and replaced it...But it still didn't work.

Does anybody know what the problem is?

I need to get this sorted asap because it's dangerous at night especially down the country roads where we live.

  Fabia VRS Special Ed
Does sound like a faulty battery that, does the car start/turn over okay?

Nope, wouldn't start before...Tested it the other day, 92% battery..perfect...The battery has been in it since I bought it though, never had any problems previously.
  Fabia VRS Special Ed
I'll take the battery out in the morning, leave it for a min and clean it up...Got a business test first lesson tho :|
  PH1 172
The rear number plate bulb not working is common and just needs the contacts etc cleaned up so the bulb makes a connection as it gets very corroded. As for the other bulbs, check your fuses and hopefully it will turn out to be one gone.
sounds like some sort of earthing problem if you're sure the battery's OK

i'd start by checking the battery earth leads where they attach to the shell/etc
  Fabia VRS Special Ed
Update...Changed my starter motor just then so it starts fine now, checked all of the bulbs that weren't working to see if they'd blown but they're all fine...Checked all of the fuses inside the car and they're all fine, I know there's a fuse box next to the battery under the bonnet but haven't checked these yet....what about those?
Just to ask Jon, you know anyone that's had this problem previously?

I'd gone offline by the time you sent that message mate sorry.

I had a similar problem with an old Escort I use to have but that was due to a failing battery and everything electrical went dead, a new battery cured it.


ClioSport Club Member
  Extreme mode
Earth strap off the battery to chassis leg. The earthing point on the chassis can get rusty etc. Check that? Make sure the contact point is clean and tight
  Fabia VRS Special Ed
Sorted most of it, one of the fuses had dirt on so wasn't making a clean connection, cleaned them all and they work now...Also my dial for adjusting the brightness of the interior lights now works aswel :)

The only problem I have now is that the reverse light only works on the passanger side and the fog light only works on the driver's side...I suspect the bulbs have gone of something but these aren't major lol.

Now I just have to do my coolant and sort out my airbags lol