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Massive Crash !! Avon Gorge

  Flame Red Delight
Just drove back from Falkirk only to see a 172 and another clio crashed pretty badly at the Avon Gorge. Only can put it down to them racing and lost control. Hope everything is alright with them looked pretty nasty.
racing... thats if they were... in this weather is pathetic.

hope not to much damage to property and people has been caused
  Flame Red Delight
crashed into what looked like to be a lampost and the cars loked like a total wreck just hoping the guys (or girls) are okay because it look really bad tbh


ClioSport Club Member
  RS6+ & 40d MSport X5
shoulda done a hawney n went back and issued cs flyers!!
  Flame Red Delight
haha :D btw do you know of the guy that has a 182 that goes to heriot watt its black and his plate is Elioot ?
  Flame Red Delight
looked silvery blue and i couldnt even make out if it was a mark ph1 or 2 because of how wrecked it was
  Flame Red Delight
yea lol he dropped me a flyer on my car haha he doesnt appear to be on here very much then