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Mates smashed his clio

hey people my mates smashed his clio this morning and well there is damage to the front ill try and get a picture up

only thing is he hit a rv 4x4 and well that suffered no damage ,so he dont want to go through his insurance. does anyone have any idea on how much it will cost to fix

this is what he needs

complete new bonnet and a new grill maybe a full bottom bumber

its 1.2 16v 54 plate


I have a red bonnet forsale if he's interested, what colour is his Clio? On ebay the mk2 ph2 bumpers go relatively cheap £50 ish? The bonnet will be £110 brand new from Matt Black and the grill is probably £20 - £30. He can buy my bonnet for £50 plus postage.


lol, I think so mate, i think it's primered ready to spray. If he keeps his eye on eBay I'm sure a black one will come up as it's a common colour ;)

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yes, lol! Has it damaged the slam panel or the bonnet hinges as it looks quite a heavy impact. It may have thrown the bonnet out of square where it meets the windscreen/wings.
i have a black bonnet the same colour it has a tinnnnny little dent on the middle crease of the bonnet which you can barely see and wud probably pop out and a few tiny stone chips, its all boxed up and ready to deliver £50 + £20 p+p only selling as i have a carbon bonnet on now an mums nagging at me to shift it from the hall lol