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Matt's Racing Blue 182


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  E46 M3, Clio 182
And it was all going so well 🤦.

It's possible I've said it before (OK many times) but I'm not a fan of 2118's at all.
No way!
2118s are possibly my favourite clio wheel. I've done the turinis and TD 1.2s before on previous cars, so wanted to try something else this time.

Ash J

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  Sunflower Ph1 172
Looking good @BlackGoldMatt

Keen to hear your thoughts on the AR1 tyres when you get a chance to use them. Almost bought a set a couple of weeks ago, but decided to wait until spring/summer as still got life in the NS2R’s, but they will be my next tyres.

Glad you decided to use Alex too; can highly recommend his services, top bloke.

Keep up the good work.


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  Clio 200
I've also ordered a few parts that turned up during the wheel swap.
Went with BC coilovers, I was really impressed with Ash's when he took me out in his trophy.
Delivered and coated in AFC50
View attachment 1498495
Along with the coilovers, I also ordered a PMS shifter, I've had one in my previous car and it was really enjoyable.
View attachment 1498496
The car is booked in with Alex at AW early November to have the above fitted.

Few other internal parts done, radio stalk delete, from RPD.
View attachment 1498500
And a K brace, it's been painted to Anthracite to match the 2118s, I've also had the (was blue) dash trims painted Anthracite too with a boot mat.
View attachment 1498497View attachment 1498499View attachment 1498498
I went for anthracite rear carpet, as I feel the black clashes with the other internal carpet, however I feel the anthracite is too far the other way, so I may be ordering another.
Thanks for reading.
Hey I’ve been trying to find a radio stalk delete for donkeys, who’s rpd as it’s not coming up?


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  Clio 182 Cup/Meg R26
BC DS on my RB and I love them. Yours looks a tidy example


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finch wxm

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  clio 172
Small update:
After @Ash J fitted his awesome pole position, I managed to poach his Recaro Trendlines from him. Popped down yesterday evening to collect them and managed to get them fitted today.
They are on Jon Foz X-Low frames, which have improved the driving position 110%. Ash even threw in the cover for the drivers seat, which I will use as the car is used daily.
The other recaros were on OMP mounts, and didn't have the holes.
If anyone are interested in the old Recaros, please let me know.
Couple of pictures
View attachment 1492324View attachment 1492325View attachment 1492326View attachment 1492327View attachment 1492328View attachment 1492329View attachment 1492330View attachment 1492331View attachment 1492332View attachment 1492333

When I collected the seats, Ash was kind enough to take me for a spin in his Trophy, which turned out to be a costly mistake.
The hour drive home made me think how well set up his car was, which caused me to start ordering when I got home.
Things on order:
- BC coilovers with solid top mounts, I know these aren't as hightly rated on here as other coilovers, but they were very impressive for the price was a no brainer.
- PMS shifter, the current scenic / Yanoo is a good set up over standard, but it's not as sharp as the PMS.
- K-Brace; again, impressed with the one is Ash's car, it can be run with seats, but fills a void when the seats are removed, got this unpainted, which I will get painted anthracite to match the future dash inserts.
Last piece was some spacers. 18mm front, 10mm axle rears.
Expensive but starting to take shape.
Thanks for reading.
Which BC'S have you gone for ?