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mk1 172 - CLIO CUP race car

Just out of interest and to see if its feasible with the old cash. Does anyone know where you could buy an old mk1 172 Clio Cup racing car??? If so how much would these cost...if it was around 6-7k I think that would make a rather fine track day weapon?? I am guessing though that they will cost loads more than that, but would be interesting to find out???

any info on this would be appreciated.. :)

a new one costs 13.3 K from the factory!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not bad eh!!!

we get them shipped here for HK$160,, thats 13.3 K

i want one!
  evo x rs

I heard that the mk2 clio cup racing cars where just a mk1 with various new body panels. Maybe wrong but Im sure they said that on the TV when they started the mk2 racing clio cup.

Thats correct Forest (Gump) - the teams were offered upgrade body panels etc to turn there Mk1s into Mk2s, but that may have changed now!
  Silver Fabia vRS

I would have thought it was cheaper to make a new car rather than change all the panels on an old one? As far as I could see on the times when I have seen they look like a stripped out version of mine.


the MK2 are just MK1s with fly by wire, new panels, new wheels and a new interior!!!

the race cars are the same!

Thats pretty cheap for a racing car. Seem to remember reading in CCC that the clio v6 trophy cars cost 28k race prepared by Renault. For that price that is tempting. Would be cool if everyone clubbed together on the forum to buy one for the club which we could all use on track days, if 130 members put up £100 each then we could get one!!! all in the clio graphics!!!

Still hunting around for a cheap mk1, would make fine track day machine! :)

BenR - is your XR2 standard? I am probably going to sell myn and buy a stock hatch XR2, cage, harness, plumbed in extinguisher, Ledas, yokos etc. or may get a 205 GTI as these are meant to be fine for handling and power...looking around at moment for something nice and quick which handles well....have you got your Nat B BenR ?

hello, your selling your MK2 XR2?

ah, stock hatch is sine, but most chassis will be bent, as they get alot of prangs!

oh, my XR2........

custom spax suspension (since they dont make them anymore), track tyres are MK2 steelies in anthracite with A032Rs, uprated std brakes...there more than fine.

chassis is ace, and only a front & rear strut bar to go on......

engine wise, i have the std engine in now, with the std carb modded with CVH DFT bits. I have port matched the inlet manifold, tidied up the head casting, +.050 rocker stems, std rollers, ashely manifold (which keeps blowing due to no compensator) ears mototrsport race system (2 box, abut ace noise!)........oh and the N20! LOL

ut the special bit is sitting on my bench!

a 1700 vulcan block as the base, but the head has larger valve seats for teh new valves, heavily ported and flowed head (takes ages on teh cast iron!!) std ratio ball bearing alloy roller rockers, +0.050 stems, cam is currently BCF2 is think, but it will he a bit wilder.

Duplex system for safety, all abalanced etc etc, with twin 40s......

goof for abour 140 im hoping, being conservative.

After taking the XR2 out to brands on tuesday, we realised we needed a better car. It did hold up really well as it is totally standard! Just no acceleration to speak of, got 90mph on the straights, but cornering was a bit dodgy at speed. Ultimately want to stock hatch next year, get National B early next year....

you seem to have alot of racing knowledge, what should we look out for when buying a used stock hatch...any major problems that could cost us alot?
any stock hatch must handle well, due to ledas, tyres etc. and hopefully power may be up, lightening etc. ??

your car sounds very well sorted, how does it handle?? Have you spent alot of cash on it?

i have spent too much cash on it!!!

my clio is still sitting in the garage awaiting its turn of my cheque book!

well, its handles superb! i can honestly say its more fun to drive than my 172!!!! and i keep saying this, but it will get some action shots of how easy it is to get sideways and hold it!!!

But i do not have my licence for the UK.........just upgraded from int B to local A, so i cant go racing in the UK.....but it only takes 5 races here to upgrade to a int. not hard.

as for lookin at the stock hatch, i would choose a very good chassis rather than a good motor, since stock hatch has very very restricted engine rules!

so, i would go with a 1.6 106 rallye....they are winning everything!

and the XR2 are getting a bit outdated now.

but make sure that the chassis is straight, no even slight ripples in the roof and rear quaters. ask if you can ge tone on the ramps to look under it, as see any cheeky welding etc etc.

my XR2 as it is now, with teh 4 speed box which accelerates better than the 5 speed, is fine, not amazingly fast, but you just never have to back off for a corner. but i have kept up with a 964 on the straights (just about!!!!!) and did pass him as my corner speed were much faster, and his lines were a bit off. This is coombe BTW, its near me so i go there a bit.

anyway, i will be arriving in the UK on the 2nd oct, and down in west sussex till the 3rd or 4th.....where are you again? essex?

Yeh in Wickford in Essex.

I think a peugot 106 rallye is going to cost serious cash though. Maybe to start with we will get an old stock hatch for a grand or so, just to get the feel of track driving a bit more before upgrading to a race ready stock hatch or even road saloon championship car.

Not really that keen on spending huge amounts of cash on the XR2, its in very good condition, engine runs very well, no oil leaks or loss of any fluids after the 105 miles we did on brands, the engine remained nice and cool as well. We had ferodo pads on which have lasted suprisingly well, and standard Ford discs ( new ones). I would like to get the car up to spec, but i am thinking all the mods I would need to do, springs, shocks, yokos and some engine fiddling would cost too much. A cheap stock hatch should have all these bits done already....only trouble is there doesnt seem to be alot of the cheaper ones around...not with MOTs anyway

i can get you adjustable spax shocks and springs lowered 2" for 200 quid.

i can give you the number of a guy who sells part worn yokys and engine fiddling, if you find a s/h CVH head i can touch that up for you.....a s/h set of twin 40s will help with another 10bhp......etc etc.....Fords, especially yhe CVH and X-flow are damn cheap to mods, probably the cheapest and easiest to get ready made parts for!


low spec bumpers

no rubbing strips

weird alloys

and 4 seats!

i think htey conned u!!!!


yeh thats not the best clio cup model ive seen. I bought an exellent V6 trophy model from Brands couple weeks ago, cost £30, but looks seriously cool, L.Rangonis V6 racer, and its exactly the same as the real one, as I have some photos to compare it with....

BenR - sounds interesting about the mods, with the springs and shocks does that include fitting??? Also do you work for Renault Sport or just Renault or a franchise dealership....seem to remember in a previous post ages ago that you mentioned you raced in the Clio Cup, are you still doing this???

no, i work for Renault HK...........i have contacts with Renault Sport, but i raced with/for FRD who are the company that run Renault Sports operation over here in Zhu Hai China.

After finishing the top class in Karting, i moved to the bog slow formula campus items.....did that and got bored so moved up to spiders. That was fun, then some demo MK1 Cliocups came to FRD to see if we wanted them. So, i had a few friendly races with the other races from all the classes the FRD do (Formula Campus, Sport Spiders, Formula Renault 2000) and they were good. but there want enough people to fill out a grid. So blah blah, in uni P/T, not in HK working @ i keep goin up to Zhu Hai to keep my skills fresh........but have not competed in the last year.

I am making the "budget" cliocup seris in for FRD this year, and it starts next April. The are basically Group n spec....and not very modified.

-custom shock tubes for the cliocup bilstien non adj. inserts

-uprated braked using std calipers, braided lines, maxtorque discs, pagid pads fluid blah blah and a secret ceramic backing pad for heat ransfer, well rather lack of it.


-Strut bars

-stripped out

-and this cool fibreglass headlight replacements......which i can get if anybody wants.LOL