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mk1 172 steering wheel (ideas please)+seats

as everyone knows it goes all manky and looks crap, wears out. does anyone know a way to prevent it getting worse, such as put a steering wheel cover over it. but i know some steering wheel covers rubs more and will make it worse.

any ideas to keep it in dip top shape.

also whats the best cleaner for the seats? how do u go about cleaning these clio sport seats?
I'd look at getting the steering wheel re trimmed in leather tbh, either that or junk it & get something like a momo one.
replace it with a 172 exclusive steering wheel like carbon coppy has done, i have a mk2 and to keep the drivers seat in tip top condition i just put a snap on seat cover on it and weekly wipe downs with a damp micro fibre cloth, and about 2 - 3 weeks clean the alcantara with a damp micro fibre and feed the leather.
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^ 150 off gibson&boyne with 8.20 return postage. will do it in one day and then returned to you if you pre-book it.

i was going to get mine done, but opted for a momo evo 320mm wheel as it resulted out being cheaper and the insurance company allowed it with no premium hike.