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Mk1 185 Clio Racing Blue Hybrid

Only picture i got yesterday of me ripping the engine out.

Havent done much of yet. Have no where to stick the engine as every garage is in brimmed full of car!

Pulled the car out of the garage

Had a look at the engine

Alex proceded to drop a gearbox on my car. Lovely!

Then pushed it back in.

Productive day indeed!!
Though ive decided to crackle paint in black all the engine parts. Should look lovely once done :)



Wrinkle effect :D. Just sprayed the inlet today.










Cleaned the bay a bit just to keep you clean freaks happy!
May make my nimbus heatshield today as well.
Spark decal will be sorted soon!


Nothing much to post about. Just the engine is epic and returns good fuel :D. Managed 160 miles to £30 and i wasn't taking it easy.
Nimbus heat shield is fitted so everything is protected now. Just waiting for the track day will fit my Carbone Lorraine pads a few days before hand

Todays antics were fitting normal crappy pads on, williams fan and swapping to purple wheels.

Gave the car a proper clean today. Polished, waxed and sealed it.

Picture ***** it as well :D

Just went on the dyno made 161hp and bearly 140lb/ft. I'll upload a picture up later but its running lean at around 13.5 :(.
Currently eating a McDonald's to comfort me :(.

Tomorrow see how much pressure the fuel pump is outputing and may make new fuel lines. Can't think of anything to test :/.

AEM UEGO ordered

And then frank with his packing which gave me a good laugh :). Nice 225 walbro pump :)

Took it for a remap finally got its power back!!

Dont believe that power graph though!!!
More closer to what it ran the year before at surrey


Took the car for tracking yesterday and the drivers side trackrod end was seized so I took adivce from one of the many tw*ts in the world, drake shouted YOLO

Now im respraying the whole car :lol: :roll:

Doing in parts because I have to pay for a holiday while saving for car insurance.
Becuase we have so many spare body parts all the parts will be fitted right at the end when the main shell is painted :).

Both wings and bonnet have be sent to eggy for spraying, then boot lid and rear bumper.

Will be stripping the whole car down engine out to spray the bay a nice clean white!

So yer lots of stuff will be happening :D
Picked up the new wheels :)

Going to need new tyres and a refurb. The curbing is quite minimal which is annoying as I like the colour but oh well.

First bits painted :)

Small update rear spoiler colour coded :).

Next update. Boot lid done :)

Present day!

You kept that colour change quiet. That'll really suit a mk1. Lovely :)

Proper lol'd at membership pack
My favourite Renault colour and I have grown quite a liking to these Mk1's lately so very excited to see more updates :).
  Lunar Mk1 & Flamer
Lol everybody abandoning Clio16valver.....

Mk2/3/4 colours really work on mk1's

Shame your not original! :p


or this

Update door prepped :)

Update again

My sprayers other project while doing my car. Busy boy he is!

Door ready

Headlight hockey things done

Will have the mirror caps and handle done tomorrow as well :)

Picture of my car in pfc a few months back

And the door done :)

Been busy stripping the car down :). Just plodding along while taking pictures, fairly easy tbh.

Last time these two will be together :) as the white duo.

Roof strips off.

Side stripes removed.

Front end taking apart.

Errrr some rust on the inner arches!! Ill kurst them for now. Next year problem!!

Outside for a quick hose down

Boot lid there!

And its goneeeee.

My pile of parts atm :)

Arty shot at the end :)
Good progress as usual. can't wait for this to be rolling

Just read that spec list in the magazine feature. That there is why you should never ever believe anything a magazine journalist says. PMSL at "Williams widetrack rims"
Was annoyed about the rust but when it was 2cm from one of seat belt points so glad im doing it now!

Haha i know such idiot!! Stupid magazine :p.

Will also be binning the standard ecu. Its a piece of crap tbh.

Cut panel out

My measuring table :)

Spot welded to place

More cutting of the back inner sill!

Welding :D

The bit that f****ed me most off!! More rust, this time from the front jacking point.

All seam welded up, aint pretty but its strong as f**k! Ready for a bit of grinding
Was annoyed about the rust but when it was 2cm from one of seat belt points so glad im doing it now!

Haha i know such idiot!! Stupid magazine :p.

Will also be binning the standard ecu. Its a piece of crap tbh.

Coming to me for a Canems I hope
A cracked engine mount was the last nail in the white shell. Couldn't be assed with it anymore.

So bought Jay S old shell :)

Its original engine will be reunited back with its old shell :)


Bought one of these

White shell ready for scrap man :)

Currently has no panels on it. All seals have been removed. Interior out, glass out, headlining out, sunroof out.

Just engine left to be removed.
  172 cup
Nice project, love these mk1's. And i have been there before when stripping down 90's rotboxes down, and finding rust where you didnt even know rust could exist. Starting with a good base is always a good thing :)
Current state of affairs!

Welded in the inner sill bit

Found rust underneath the headlight so cut that out!

Action shot

Grinded down the welds a bit :)

Got home cut the driveshaft out, and dropped it back onto its wheels.
Tried to move the white car out of the way but its hard when it has no wheels and im on my own.
So had a thought then threw a paddy and tried to think of some ideas while eating.
Dad came home at 6pm said lets get it out, so once again wheelbarrow under the back, engine crane front and moved it out of the way.
The 21 year old wheelbarrow took a few bruises but its still going solid!

Engine out with the help of super dad
, and blue car back in garage.

Windscreen guy said because its not an original screen the dude before may of scrapped the metal before thus leaving it bare metal.

So more work. Still aiming for the car to be out of my garage by next weekend!
It will make it to bedford on 25th march!!!!11!!
Yer sure is. Will have to take a fair few days off to finish it in time!

Dan you should see the superchargers project thread on c16v, you'll like the fabrication work thats been done :)