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Mk1 Clio Cold Air Feed

Ok, two questions here.

1) What are the side effects of having a cold air feed with a hole in it meaning theres not as much cold air getting through

2) What do people use for a cold air feed as i need a replacement
if you have a cold air feed with a hole in it that will result in a lack of air getting to your throttle body - obviously the more air feed the better the car will run.

Run a 3inch pipe with an air scoop from the bottom of your bumper all the way up to your throttle body - make sure it has an in line free flow filter and the pipe is smooth on the inside with no obstructions ( sharp bends that cause the pipe to crease over ) keep it as straight as possible. Avoid puddles and fit some gause over the intake nozzle to limit the amount of sh1t going into your engine.


  BMW M3 & Williams 3
Just get some flexi tube and route it to the old air feed location, secure it with zip ties round the battery mount.

got to b&q or homebase to get it.

I only noticed a small difference with a feed, dont worry about it too much
i bought my cold air feed from Homebase for just under £10.

Its that stretchy metal stuff basically the same as what Green do but stronger.

4'' diameter if i remember righlty.

I tried b&q and homebase and neither of them had anything that would work apart and my cold air feed has no longer got a hole in it, its in two peices - anyone anymore suggestions?