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MK1 Turbo.

  MK1 GTT.
hi all, been on here a while but never really posted so thought it was time to put a wip up, i wont bore you all with the full story.

started life as a rt, then i brought a c1j from the 5 gtt. i fully rebuilt the engine before putting it in some time last year.

current engine spec is pretty standard running 18psi of boost on a hybrid turbo, its on f.k coilies etc.


the day i got it.



a few things diffrent and how she stands now..



engine built ready to go in.


engine going in with a repainted bay.



and how it looked at fcs 2012


and just a couple of randoms..



future plans are for a respray as some kind person went round it with a key the weekend before fcs,
im currently re furbing a valver rear beam for it so i can have the rear discs and pads, also making plans for a new engine for her, im thinking williams or valver turbo'd engine but unsure yet.

thanks for looking.
  MK1 GTT.
thanks all, never bother posted it on here before as i wasnt sure what reaction it would get.

just not sure on where to go from here with it, it deffo needs respray but im not sure whether to smooth bumpers etc and go euro or keep it track look? any ideas are appreciated as i genuinley dont no what to do with her.
  Punto/Clio GTT
i wouldnt change anything tbh, think it looks sweet as it is

pour money into engine mods if you got the spare cash
  MK1 GTT.
yes i think you could be right, but as i previously stated im thinking of a 2.0 or a 1.8 turbo build for it next as i fancy a new challenge.
thanks for your input.
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
Good to see another mk1 on here :)

What colour is that? doesnt look 432 or 449, looks more like focus rs mk1 or escort imperial blue?
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
Looks quite nice :)
Not massively a fan of the phase 3 front lights TBH, I would swap to the more retro phase 1 when you get it resprayed ;)
  MK1 GTT.
your not the first with that opinion and im sure you wont be the last.. i kinda like the girly headlights.
  MK1 GTT.
yes that is true, i am a little swayed to change the headlights as it would be nice to fit valver bumpers, we will see i guess.