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Mk2 172 and 182's.

When did you buy yours and what did you pay for it??

I bought mine brand new last december on a 2005 55 plate, full fat with both cup packs for £11,878...

UK car not an import.


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
In February this year . Brand new FF 182 with both cup packs . £12,227 on the road ,sold my 172 before i'd actually found a 182 , lol , so i was panicking a bit , there was only a handful left in the country .
  Fiesta ST3
3 weeks ago 54 plate 182 ff both cup packs 8500 on the clock £10995.00 from a stealer.
i was looking for a long while and could not find one as nice as this:D
infact there was another guy waiting to take it out on a test drive while is was taking it for a spin:S
  106 GTi
Ordered new 4th December Dec 2004, Collected 1st March 2005

05 Black Gold with both Cup packs, £12,665.

UK car from the local Renault Dealership.
  RS Clio 172 Ph1
Bought my 2001 172 with 33K on the clock April '06 for £5500

I wonder if anyone paid full list price, for the 182 (im sure they did). I mean if you had both cup packs and met paint you were looking at just over 15k
Gareth said:
52 MK2 172 Import, paid around 13k!! brand new

I paid £13k brand new for my 182 (direct from a Renault dealer, both cup packs and met paint), which compared to most on here seems a little expensive.

The first dealer I visited said they would do it for £13.5k and I rang or visited about 10 dealers after that and some of them wouldnt match or better the offer. I eventually got it down to £13k. Which i was happy with and I guess thats all what matters
  LY V6 with Recaros
55reg brand new, got it last October from lloydstsbcarselect for around £12000 for full fat both cup packs.
  133/225/CLS AMG
November 2003 - Clio 172 full fat, brand new £12,500. Sold for £7600 with 14,500 miles on it in November 2005. :D

January 2006 - Megane 225 full fat, brand new £16,400 (inc Xenons/Climate Control) and still happy camper 2000 miles on! :D