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MK2 172 Centre Exhaust Section!


Quick straw poll!!

If you have had the mid section on your exhaust replaced post below!

I had mine changed at the weekend, Gibbo also had his up on the ramps where the technician reccomended he changed his. My car has only done 9000 miles I think Gibbos has only 8000! To me this just shouldnt happen on a nearly new car! I would say to anyone with similar mileage to get it checked out, so you can take advantage of the 1 year warrenty on the exhaust!

Alright paddy!

Hey cmon M5 155 limited vs a S/C Saxo. The M5 would scream to 165/170 with no limiter, he was playing!!!
  172 sport,

i had the dreaded rattle at brands is it the zaust or the cat coz if its the zaust ill get a performance middle section as i recon me back box will stuff the warrantee on it . if its the cat do you recon they will change that foc or will they blame the back box ????????????????? btw me car is 9 months old and has 10770 miles on the clock

I had mine done about 3000 miles came back after 2 weeks, now done nearly 13000 miles and no rattle. The rattle disappeard after doing a further 9000 miles. Who know it may come back later.

Hi guys, yes mine is going to be replaced at first service I think, unless it starts to bug me sooner, which thinking about it yeah it will! But the garage are really good about it, unlike some by the sounds of it!

Had mine done at 16000 after it got unbearable.

Tried to charge me 20% (£80ish), after telling me it would be FOC! Feel pretty sure it will come back.


  2012 WRX Waggon

Mines done 107 miles and is fine. lol

When they change the centre box do they just fit another unit thats exactly the same, or is it an improved one??

I know I had a Rover 214 16V from new that developed an engine knock - The dealer said it was a crank problem Rover were aware of. I asked why they didnt recall, he said not all of them make a noise!!


When i had my 2nd centre...its the same part number...the cat has now changed from a single to double cat and is £850 to be fitted....ouch!!



Mine has just started to rattle! Car has done 19k miles. Ill probably just leave it and wait till I can afford a new perfromance exhaust.

Mine rattled from new. Spent the last 5000 miles being pissed off by it & tryinging to find the rattle under the dash, til I logged on here last week & found the answer! Printed out the various threads & took them to my local dealer. Booked in start of Jan to be fixed under warranty. Result!