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MK2 172 meshed lower grille - part 2

Meant to be the three RenaultSport logo things (red yellow and blue) black

Ill get me coat...


Actually, plan c is to make an enlarged Renaultsport logo template. The last one I tried it with was too small (A4 paper sized). Needs to be about 3 times as big and taking up most of the mesh. Will probably spend next 3 days cutting the sodding letters out from a large piece of card just to find it still looks sh*t!


rt172, how do you get that bottom grille out? is it a simple job?

Would like to have a go, but not got loads of time to spend figuring how to get it out at the mo, just about enough to mesh it maybe (if I dont sleep for a night)


  Shiny red R32

Well from where I am sitting, it looks as though the picture was taken in the middle of the night! I cant see any mesh at all!
  BMW 320d Sport

The mesh looks good but the logo thing is well ropey. I tried it a couple of years ago on mine and it just doesnt look right on a wide/low piece of mesh like that. Colours will just draw more attention to it as a bodge. YOu need a massive meshed panel to get away with it!

Mesh would be better in the Subaru/ford heavy duty honeycomb type black mesh - silver just is too much of a contrast and looks like a sheet of metal - holes are too small!!

I think I might just leave the original, non-sprayed mesh in there. Its too much hassle to spray and yes, it does look like a bodge even though I spent sodding HOURS cutting out the template and it looked really good on paper!

BTW, I didnt remove the lower grille plastic, I just used a couple of cable ties to hold the mesh on to it. Cant even see the ties unless looking for them.

I reckon it might actually work with smaller mesh. The type that MG use might be better. The paint will be covering more area of metal on smaller mesh and should therefore look less blurry. Anyway, sod it for now....Im just going to leave it plain!