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MK2 172 meshed lower grille

Thats funny, I can see the mesh!!! Where are you looking GR??? And as well as those orange bits that arent the same as on your car (and hence are presumabely awful), you forgot to mention that my car is the wrong colour and I should have it black


was thinking too, maybe u should change the two top bits of grill the same...
but dunno if itd look right or not?

Yes, I know the ones she meant. I was trying to make the point that I dont have a particular issue with the orange bulbs and am not going to change them because Mrs. GR (and possibly everyone else!) tells me to "align=absmiddle>


No, thought about it for a moment but would be a bif of a nightmare to do due to the shape and would probably look over the top. The top bit aint that attractive so I dont want to draw more attention to it by making it shiny!


Had mine meshed a month or so ago & love it as had the top plastic grill colour coded too. Just makes it a bit more individual...
  320d M Sport

Good to hear from u ,my old mate. Looks okay, would probably look dodgy on mine though but seems to suit Blue/Black. Whats next then?


Rhys - looks smart mate.. though the pics are a little dark - lets see more!

Konahead - Cant see your pics at all

Jaine - The gallery has your motor before your mods... any chance of a look now?. Your front end changes sound very brave - and just what I was thinking of doing!

matt, think i gotta change to another server...the yahoo one is something screwy...

will post the links later...sorry bout that...
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Rhys - that looks great. I think youre right about getting some lettering or a logo though. RenaultSport is a bit fussy - the letters would be too small. Could you do a nice rs logo or something?
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


I have a new Piccy of Jaines motor on my old box brownie (ask Night.Icon about this). I will download them tonight and post on the High Beach thread on the board.

She has also had the upper grill just below the bonnet colour coded and the black plastic bits around the fog lamps colour coded as well. Looks sweet as a nut.

Cheers CB


so sorry, unable to get any decent server to upload the pix to...

if anyone wants to have a look at my honeycomb mesh grill plus front splitter on a face-lifted clio, kindly email me at