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MK2 172 Silver Dial Surrounds

  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

Went to Motorpoint today to see if my car was actually there and have a word with the salesman as i have been waiting over 6 weeks for it now and they are still saying that the paperwork for it hasnt arrived. But when i was looking at the car i noticed that the dials didnt have the silver surrounds and they were just plain with the dark plastic surround (quite dull), wondering if anyone elses Mk2 172s had this? And if there are any other likely things it is likely not to have? (With it being an import).


Gaz 2130
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

i was wondering if it is possible that someone (working in Motorpoint) could have taken them out and switched them for their own (or their mates car), is it possible to switch the dial sets on the cars? I know the dial set can be pulled out altogether as i have done this before to fit my navigation, but is the mileage etc info stored in the dial set or on the ECU?
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

also would it be possible to do this? Switch 172 dials with that of a Dynamique or lesser clio? For example, wouldnt the 172 be missing the Rev Limiter Light? (Although it never works), or would there also be other things missing like ABS warning lights etc?



should be possible they use the same connection

and as long as the dials had the trip computer all functions are carried over

all late clios share ABS so that light will be on the dash regardless but lesser models dont have the rev limit light! also i think the speedo goes to 150mph not 140! i spoke to my local renault spares dept and they say the silver surrounds can be removed but he wasnt sure how youd resecure them on to lesser model faces wqithout getting glue everywhere! i think this is the usual type of parts desk reply to these kinda questions , make it sound like you know what youre talkin about but then cover youre back just in case it all goes pearshaped!!
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

so if it is the wrong dial set i could always purchase the proper Uk 172 Set and put them in myself (15 min job)?



or if its a new car take it to renault and say are these the right dials in my car?

go mad at them!!
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

so i presume i am right in thinking that the mileage etc is stored on the ecu and not the dial set unit.
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Kick up sh1t about your car, this is the longest wait I have heared of from Motorpoint, are you getting it from Derby or Burnley? Either way contact the MD and inform him you are not happy and make them throw in extras or reduce the price due to making you wait so long.

Hope you get the car soon.

My 172 Was from Motorpoint Derby and is an import. Got silver dial surround on mine. Six weeks does sounf along time. When I got mine there were 7 in stock. Signed for it on the Saturday and picked it up on the Friday following.

Complain big time.

  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

ive just phoned the salesman at Motorpoint and asked him where the car was sourced from, and he couldnt tell me which country and could only say that it was EU sourced, i asked if he could have the dials corrected and he said yes he probably could, but i then asked who would pay for it and he said Motorpoint wouldnt. I then asked if i would get a discount for the long and annoying wait which he also insisted i would not recieve. So can someone who works for Renault please find out how much exactly i would have to pay for a UK Spec 172 Dial Set?

Many thanks for all your advise and help.

Gaz 2130

I wouldnt accept the car. You are talking about messing around with the clocks already because someone may have tampered with your dash?! I wouldnt touch it and I would tell them to get you another one ASAP, I know you have been waiting a long time for your car and you probably cant wait to get in it - but it isnt worth accepting dodgy goods for. Also, if you are going to mess around with clocks I am pretty sure it is a dashboard top out job? So, maybe your car is one the dodgy cypriat imports? Ask the dealer again, he can tell you, all he has to do is get off his arse and call the right person....

Remember, it is your cash they are f**king with and you will have to live with this car..... Dont do it if you are unsure......
  Lionel Richie

Theyre taking the piss a bit arent they GAZ???? Theres an importer near me (just off junc 4 M42) theyve got a new silver MK2 sitting in the showroom waiting to be sold, im going up there in a bit to have a look at price and see what warranty they offer, ill let you know

Ive got an offical mk2 172 (bought back in April).

Could someone please confirm wht exactly were talking about here, as I seem to be missing the point!!!

What silver surrounds are we talking about? I dont think have any?

Thank you,


Actually, Ive just looked in the renaultsport brochure and see what youre talking about.

Mine arent silver, either. Just plain dark colour. When did they start to fit the silver bits to the 172s?

Perhaps they are only on imports and not official UK 172s? Or does someone here have an official 172 with the silver surrounds?

Think I may have a moan at my dealer tomorrow!


  Lionel Richie

Ok they wanted £11699 for a MK2 with 6K on the clock and the wheels smashed to pieces!!!!! (Not joking, the passenger front hand wheel had a 10cm section of the rim missing!!!) So i kindve made my excuses and left!!
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

faceman the actual dials themselves are plain dark colour, but the dial surround should be all in silver (around the edges of the dials), but on the one that motorpoint say is mine they are just completely plastic (dark colour) and looks a lot more bland. They dont even have the red markers on the rev counter.


  Shiny red R32


Have you got / can you borrow a digital camera? If so, why not go along to your dealer and take a close-up pic of your dials and post it here or e-mail it to someone who can display it, so that everyone knows what you are talking about. Maybe there are others with the same dials.
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

id like to but its 100 miles away, basically they are just the dull plastic grey colour all over, with the plastic surround in the same colour, and the markers & needles on the set are all white with no redline markers or silver bits or anything, very plain.

Hi Gaz

I sent you a PM about this but I see youve had a load of replies anyway.

I was told (not sure how much truth?) that there is ONLY 1 kind of 172 made by Renault. I know usually that a lot of car imports from Europe have to be checked for what they may be missing, but apparently you are safe with a 172 because the only difference is the lack of Cat 1 alarm, which is a UK dealer fit (and possibly the Cd stacker as well, which has been taken off the standard equipment list by RUK anyway).

Therefore whatever Renault France state as standard, should be on any 172, wherever sourced.

See the following link which is a pic from not This is a very similar pic to the one you linked to, but the fact that its on must mean that it is standard for the 172 full stop.

Personally, I would stand your ground with Motorpoint. The car isnt to spec without these dials, and this could affect resale value in years to come. The Aluminium surrounds are part of the Mk 172 172 styling - along with the aluminium door handles. It is a trait of the model and without it, it isnt a proper 172. I would play the "dubious product" angle with Motorpoint.

Did you notice if it had the aluminium door handles, and the silver effect on the bottom of the steering wheel, and where the passenger airbag is?

I should be getting my 172 late this week - havent seen it yet, but I will be making sure I read the brochure in detail, and checking thoroughly when it arrives.

Be interested to hear the outcome of this. Especially if Motorpoint play the "its an import so you cant claim that it isnt to spec" card. If they do, contact Renault (France) and ask if they make any variants of the 172. If you need a letter done in French, I can help as I speak it!


Interestingly though........Ive just been on to and gone through the site to the technical section and looked up the 172. It is missing quite a bit of stuff that is listed on the UK site - including no mention of (and I quote from the UK site) "Aluminium Finish Instrument Surround and Door Handles"

Can any 172 import owners confirm that their model is identical to the UK model?
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

i queried Motorpoint on this yesterday and they insisted they would do nothing about it, but they are the only people at the moment that i can get a 172 from as no-one else has any, so at the moment i am thinking of taking the car as is, taking it to a UK Dealer and asking them to change the dials as they are not the correct ones, and then if the worst comes to the worst ill have to pay the money for the new ones. I am going to a UK Renault dealer today to ask the OTR Price of a UK 172, and how long i can expect to wait for one if i placed an order, and ill also enquire about the dials. Let you know how i get on.

Gaz 2130

Mine are blue and the door handles aluminium - 172s should be silver, my friends 1.2 16V is silver with red paint - depends what trim code u go for! As for the dials they are all the same right across the range - the 172s obviously have the gear shift up light thing though !! And seat position memory indicator and exterior lightbulb fused alarm...................


I personally imported my mk2 172 black, April this year, from Holland, and the dials look just like the picture you linked to, although obviously in mph.


Before I bought my import, I went to a UK dealer. The OTR price is £14595 (and that no longer includes the CD changer, only a single front load CD player). My dealer were prepared to knock £500 off just when I frowned and mumbled something about imports being £12000. I think he would have gone further but I didnt want to get into that discussion because I had no intention of buying.

They told me delivery would be new year by now. Leadtime is about 6-8 weeks.

Judging by other peoples replies, they do all seem to have them (import or not) and therefore they shouldnt be missing. It would be like the Cup not having blue coloured trim - it wouldnt be a cup!

Best of luck anyway.


Personally, Id tell Motorpoint to stick their 172 where the sun dont shine! Its obviously not a proper 172 and, no matter how long youve waited, I wouldnt spend your hard earnt money with them - theres plenty of threads on here about people who have had poor service from this company...

If the dials are wrong, surely you should be thinking, "What else isnt on spec?"....
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

My car came from Motorpoint, it has the alluminium dials, handles, kickplate, airbag bits pedals, etc. All present and correct.


have you paid the £500 deposit? If you have: walk away and you loose £500 or keep the car and it will cost you to get it fixed.

Contact Renault UK with the chasis number and ask them to check on the cars history. Chasis number will be on the bill of sale you got for the deposit.

Good luck.