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Mk2 Clio DCi Daily


ClioSport Club Member
  Kangoo 172cup
Crank bolt never come loose after torquing up on mine, used a new bolt and a decent torque wrench to do it up. Too tight and risk snapping, or stretching f**k out of the bolt


ClioSport Club Member
  Kangoo 172cup
Not had an issue with camshaft nut coming loose, 30k since doing the belt. I don't think it will cause issues unless its been removed to change cam seal, if removed new nut and torque to spec

gez 172

ClioSport Club Member
  R.S 200
Annnnnd she’s all fresh with MOT ?

Drives much better on the new suspension and brake peddle feels lovely again.

One advisory was a worn passenger side lower arm bushes though..slightly annoying as I was going to put new lower arms and track rods on while it was all apart - but I thought against it as I didn’t want to overspend on the car if anything major popped up on the MOT. Now my first official MOT is done with the car, I know what the next stages are now, to progress as a brilliant daily.

So far the car has had:

.New genuine Bosch glow plugs
.Full service
.New Battery
.4 new tyres
.2 front shocks/springs/top mounts
.2 new front caliper sliders
.New front Discs/Pads

Next on the list is;

.Timing belt inc Water pump and Aux belt
.Lower arms and track rods

After a while not spannering a car, I can say that it definitely takes time to get back into the swing of it ? I’ve enjoyed it though and did miss it.

gez 172

ClioSport Club Member
  R.S 200
I’ve finally bit the bullet...the car is going to a garage to get the cambelt/water pump and aux belt done..

I don’t feel confident enough to have a go at timing - for the pure fact that the car runs/drives so well, I don’t want to ruin the car by taking on a task I’ve not done before.
Timing is always something I’ve stayed away from.

As much as paying a garage takes a dent in the cars overall value, I think it’s a wise choice that should leave me with a solid car once it’s done.

I’m supplying the genuine cambelt kit/water pump and aux belt and they’re charging a labour of £200 to do the belts and pump.

gez 172

ClioSport Club Member
  R.S 200
Update - 04.09.2019

Collected the car from the garage today after having the;

1) Timing belt kit
2) Water pump
3) Coolant
4) Aux belt
£320 inc labour @130,259 miles


To say the car is feeling good now is an understatement. It drives 10000X better compared to the day I bought it.

Obviously I’ve now changed quite a few things on the car, but it’s been relatively cheap to change all the parts, up until the cambelt.

A little bit ‘frustrated’ with myself that I didn’t give the cambelt a go myself, but given I’ve not got much experience with cambelts, I weighed up the cost of paying to get it done VS me messing up timing and potentially costing an engine.

This brings my total spend now to roughly £1,250. Which is a bargain for a car that is now pretty much a refreshed, reliable work horse with 12 months MOT and returning 70-71mpg.



Just to keep it up to date, the car has had the following;

.New battery
.Bosch glow plugs
.Front Shocks/Springs/Top mounts
.Rear wheel bearings
.Four tyres
.Timing belt kit/water pump/aux/coolant
.Full service

To do List

.Lower Arms and track rod end (kit)
.Rear shocks and springs
.182 interior

😃 cheers for reading.

gez 172

ClioSport Club Member
  R.S 200
This car just keeps getting better - MPG has improved since getting the belts done..!

It’s gone from 69-70 to 74-75mpg average.


Filled up when the fuel light came on - £57 gave me this range..

gez 172

ClioSport Club Member
  R.S 200

Well...the time has’s collection day for the new owner. Didn’t think I’d sell it.. but it’s going to a mate who is an old CS member. It’s been a cracking car.