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Mk3 1.6 Dynamique S

  Mk3 1.6 Dynamique S
Hey everyone, I bought this car in September 2010 standard and have been wanting to make it a bit better ever since ;)

So I have lowered it by 35mm on Apex springs and fitted a K&N induction kit so far :) I am wanting to colour code the side strips and and plastic on front and rear bumpers, also want to spray my wheels black or anthracite and spray the diamonds black.

Here are pics of when I first got it

And here's a few of how it is now

And after de-badging

Any comments are welcome :)
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That looks good, defiantly colour code and maybe some spacers??

My car must have come from around the same area as yours as the number plate is very similar!


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Same as my car :) well mine isnt the S so it dont have the wider arches. On the plus side there gonna be easyier to fill as i bet renault only made the arch panels wider.
  Mk3 1.6 Dynamique S
Thanks guys :) I would like spacers but they're too expensive right now, I'm a student :(

I am going to get the black FK grill aswell if it looks good, i'll decide once Stuiemc uploads a picture of his ;)


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  Audi RS3, Clio 172
Its coming its coming carnt post dirty pictures of my car its like pure flithy porn.
  Mk3 1.6 Dynamique S
Small update, I ordered an FK grill and some 3m carbon wrap to do the strips and vents in the interior. Anyone have tips on how to get a good finish with the wrap?
  Mk3 1.6 Dynamique S
I got the grill in the post today :) going to fit it tomorrow hopefully just waiting for my bulbs to come. Also on Saturday I got my carbon stuff :)




  Mk3 1.6 Dynamique S
I fitted some more parts :) have a look, tell me what you think and give me some more ideas :p

Painted badges and new grill


Wind deflectors

  Mk3 1.6 Dynamique S
I would love it lower but the roads up here are really crap :( speedlines would be nice but expensive, can't afford much but maybe this summer ;)
  Mk3 1.6 Dynamique S
For the front badge I took the bumper off and there are 2 screws holding the backing plate then the badge just pulls off, for the rear you just prise it off with a screwdriver. Quite easy really just take your time :)
  Mk3 1.6 Dynamique S
Done a few things since I last posted...

Colour coded the trim


Added a Cliosport sticker on the front and rear


Also got some black side repeaters

And painted the centre cap diamonds
  Clio III Face Lift
The carbon warp in the interior looks amazing! where did you get it? also where did you get the grill?

the car looks mint :)
  Mk3 1.6 Dynamique S
Thanks :)

I got the carbon wrap from Underground Graphics UK and the grill is from FK Automotive, think the grill was around £30 so it's less than half the price of the Renault Sport one.
  Mk3 1.6 Dynamique S
Not going to take the mudflaps off, there are a few pretty dirty roads I need to drive on everyday so they're helping keep the car clean :)

And lower would look better but just not practical where I live :(
  Clio 1.2Tce
I am looking to lower like yours, are they the springs from k-tek?? And how are they on bad roads compared to the standard springs?? I'm in the country and it's pot holes galor :rasp: and the interior CF would it be easy to do the centre dash part, (e.g. The part the radio is housed in)?? And how do you get the Plastic parts off, do they just pull off?? Or does the dash need to come out?
Sorry for all the questions :eek: take it as a compliment I like your work!!
  Mk3 1.6 Dynamique S
Hey, thanks :)

The springs I have are Apex and I got them from Larkspeed but not sure if K-tec have them, they are quite bumpy and stiff compared to the standard springs but I wouldn't say they're unbearable. I use my car every day i dont think and the roads up here are not good at all but the handling is much better, there is hardly any body roll and it's a good practical drop.

I don't think it would be difficult to carbon wrap the centre dash, I have been thinking about it as I still have enough spare but think it might be too much? The pieces I wrapped just pull off, if you carefully use a screwdriver at the ends then they come off easily. The vents were a bit more difficult to get out but just go round the edge with a small screwdriver and you will manage :)
  Clio 1.2Tce
Yeah no I see what you mean, would be a bit in your face, just need to do something as the previous owner has had rings on or something and used the a/c dials and chipped the rubbery paint. And have you changed your lights or are they original?
  Mk3 1.6 Dynamique S
I got the grill from FK Automotive and I wrapped the interior with 3m di-noc carbon wrap from underground graphics.
  Mk3 1.6 Dynamique S
Well its been a while since I have been on here but I haven't had much money to do much so here is a wee update :)

Started by cleaning all the rust off the calipers


Then masked up

And painted



So the next day I decided to clean, polish and wax the car








Next day it rained but there was some nice beading


And I ordered some silvervision bulbs but for the rear


Sorry about all the pictures, think I might have gotten a bit carried away with the camera :eek:
  Mk3 1.6 Dynamique S
Thanks :)

Well I should have another update this week ;) I'm hoping to buy some coilovers this summer but I'm trying to save up so I can move away and get my own flat first.
  renault clio 1.2 3dr
Anyone know where to get colour coded handles for the car, like shown in the pictures above?

Looking for silver..

  Mk3 1.6 Dynamique S
My door handles were like that as standard but I don't see why you couldn't colour code them yourself :)

Or you could maybe try Renault?
  Mk3 1.6 Dynamique S
I got a set of 17" Calibre Pro 7 wheels last week but only just got a chance to get some pictures as it was raining every day.

Here are the pictures :)







ClioSport Club Member
i quite like that however i think to pull off the wheels it needs more stance, needs slammed, spacers and loose the w**k flaps. not to keen on the CS stickers either, less is more
  Mk3 1.6 Dynamique S
Thanks, I have been thinking of taking all the stickers off but not sure yet about the one on the boot lid. I'm hoping to get some coilovers this summer but will just have to wait and see if I can save enough.


ClioSport Club Member
Really like this. Looks a lot better with the new wheels on, and there is less arch gap
Like mentioned though, I'd loose the mud flaps but the stickers look good IMO
What plans have you got for her next?
Likes these wheels actually we just got them in at work a couple of months ago looks good would look epic slammes on them


ClioSport Club Member
  Valver, Octavia vRS
needs lowered more to pull of them wheels, and need to lose the ***** flaps bud, you going the right directions i think.