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Mods and MPG

For those whove had their Clios modded with superchip/unichip etc, have you noticed a significant change in fuel consumption? Im debating as to whether to go for an ECU upgrade but if it means poor economy for little gain, I dont think Ill go for it.

Currently I get about 250 miles from a full tank of normal in town to fast driving on A roads. I never drive it till its virtually empty and my fillups are usually £28 of optimax which equates to about 35ltrs.

I prefer not to drive until theres 1 litre in the tank left just in case I cant get to a petrol station.

I see in previous threads that after the ECU upgrades people are getting between 180bhp to 190bhp, the best coming from unichip. Also does this shift all the power at the upper rev range ala Vtec style?