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Mods Ready For Sumer

Just Decided its time to inject some cash into my clio again I already have £3000 worth of ice now its time for some styling.

I was thinking along the lines of 17s ( got some in mind, chrome or chrome finish)

60 mil drop after listening to Freds endless ramblings off how 40 aint low enough.

Light smoke tints.

Car got keyed the other day so im gonna get it colour coded at the same time as the scratches are done.

MS designs grill or 172 grill if possible.

THose single stalk mirrors on the K tec site

Would you splash a sponsors logo over your car for £500 and a free boot install?

any way any other ideas peeps?

SOme people like them some dont i think they would look good on a black clio!

Im moving away from all out chrome to a chrome style finish like Wolfrace shadow chrome



**toms top tip on**

sell the car and the ice

now you have 11 grand to spend on a cup

**toms top tip off**

well 6 points are from the past when i was a bit of a bad boy and i drove a mates car with no insurance and got caught about 4 years ago. SO stupid i know well im paying for it big time now.

And 3 points for doing 34 in a 30:(

Also I have had to resit my test cause of that 6 points in your first two years crap!

Car came the other way through a lane i was doing about 50 - 60 on my side of the road (it was wide enough for two cars) so i swerved to avoid it got my passenger wheel went into a drainafe ditch and as I tried to pull the car back straight it flipped and rolled about 5 or 6 times into the banking at the side of the road.

Yeah but I go to quite a lot of cruises adn shows with them so it will be obvious then!

Pay for what the crash ?

Yeah i did the other car was gone my mate was behind me and he saw the car but didnt see the reg or anything so I had to claim on my insurance!:mad: