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Moisture/ice on inside of windscreen.

Problem with my partners Clio DCi on a 56 plate.
There is always alot of moisture/condensation on the inside of the windscreen
in the mornings now. This morning there was even a small patch of ice on the inside!
The re-circulation control for the heating is open as this can cause a build-up of moisture but this has not cured the problem.
Could the pollen filter being blocked have anything to do with it?
If so, where can I locate the filter to clean it out?

  "Navy" N17 TWO
Don't think the pollen filter will have anything to do with that mate
Although anything is possible in a Renault lol

PS - mine is doing the same, but without the ice :S
  PH1 172
Turn your vent controls away from the windscreen and see if that makes a difference. I know it may sound silly but the cold air maybe blowing through which is causing any heat/moisture left in the car when you have been in it to cool/freeze.
Where is the pollen filter located on this model?
No harm in checking to see if it's blocked-up with leaves or something.