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More Brands thanx & WINDSCREEN HELP!

I have to admit that it was a great day and I am now officially knackered ! Had to travel down to Bournemouth last night after Brands and got here ok BUT I found out that I have chipped my windscreen right in the centre of the screen ! I heard a stone hit the car and did not see anything but then saw it when I was on my way home, is it free to get your windscreen replaced ? I blame Matt-Leics !

Anyway, I had a great night and a great day ! Met some very nice new people like JillyB, Paul Freemantle and wife, Fred2001Dynamic (who I nearly stepped on when I got out of bed, dont get any ideas, the rumours are already flying around !), Daz, the guru himself - Jas, TonyKL, MarkB, kis172 and also the same lot that I met at York, matbrown and myself trying to hunt down Miss Butler-Henderson, got her in the end but then she told me to turn my camcorder off ! The cheek of it ! Also, Matt-Leics, telford_mike and Val, Nick Read and Roamer. Great bunch of people in this club and I am glad to be a part of it. Sorry if I missed anyone off, if I did then it was nice to meet you too !

When I get home on Wednesday I will upload the pics of the day including LOADS of Miss B-H and also I will watch the video I got of the day to see it is any good.

This meet is going to be hard to top but I am sure that we can give a damn good go in the new year !


Dia, are you sure it was me ? I did try and find you but I thought I hadnt succeeded, trouble is there was soooo many people and its hard to remember their face, name and board name.

As for the windscreen, it probably depends entirely on your insurance. If its cracked then you might be ok (might have some excess to pay tho) but if its a chip im not sure (unless its in a dangerous place?) But I do remember someone getting a windscreen replaced.

One thing to watch out for tho, make sure they replace it with the correct windscreen, as its sound dampening and reflective and stuff - the Cup on isnt and im not sure about the mk1.

Get onto your insurers about your windscreen Dai.. theyll tell you the score. Wasnt my fault yer cheeky monkey!

Cant believe you tracked down Vikki.. GUTTED!! I am NEVER leaving a meet early again! Going to sit in a corner and cry now.. wimper...
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Dai you can probably get your windscreen repaired m8. The insurance company will probably tell you to call one of the national replacement services and theyll advise what needs doing. I had a repair done on one of my previous cars - perfect job totally invisible.


ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

Matt, we had chosen you as our oficial question asker (along with Nick) while I took the photos. Went to find you and found out you had gone! Oh well...

(maybe I shouldnt tell you that - make you even more upset!)

LOL @ Matt ! Mate, I got it all on video too until she told me to turn it off ! She was good fun tho and I got her autograph so I was happy in the end. Nice of her to come over and speak to everyone anyway.

I was only joking about it being your fault of course, it came up from you car as I was following you, just one of those things mate.

I will get onto the insurers and see what the score is, they do these liquid injections to fill any cracks in the screen so I may well see if I can get this done. It is right in my vision so I will have to get it sorted soon, it is doing my head in.

Tony, I think it was you, I caught you at the end of the day and just said goodbye really ! You were wearing a brown jacket if I remember correctly ?

As many have said, it is possible to get it repaired but I guess it all depends on what the damage is.

Youre probably right, i was in a brown jacket. Shame I didnt stay a little longer to say hello to Vicki. *DAMN!* Weather was real bad going home, absolutely pissed it down, so much that I had all my fogs on.


ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

Dai, I only think she was joking about switching off the camera!

J - I thought she was only joking about the camera too - she seemed to be pretty cool about it - just as long as she knew it was on !

Sorry kis and Jas, what do you mean cos I did not listen to what she said to be honest ? What did she say then and should I have stopped recording ?

PS Matt, she was lovely mate, want me to send you the interview ?

I can confirm that Diapac, Matt & Fred were up to no good in a room together the night before brands hatch as i stayed in the same hotel. (in a seperate room with the missus, i might add)

I also like to thank Jas and the other guys who organised the event as it was nearly as good as rally driving @ silverstone. How i managed to keep up with you lot round that track with those hills i got no idea.

Fastest speed = 75-80mph in third @ 5000rpm

grin factor = off the scale

once again cheers + can we do silverstone next year?

cheers Scribbler

Matt-Leics! You said you liked talking cars and liked the others (;))- YOU COULD HAVE HAD BOTH!


  BMW 320d Sport

So two questions then...what exactly went on the night before? And exactly how gutted are you Matt?

LOL We were hunting around for you cos I thought the time was right to get the interview done, you could have asked the sex symbol question! As usual I had to do the time dont disappear without telling me!

1. What went on in the Hotel room is between me, Fred, Dai and the 24 years old swedish receptionist. And before you ask.. IT WAS A WOMAN!!

2. Really quite gutted actually. *sigh*

You can be sure Ill say bye next time mate!


ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

Matt, Im speechless for you, really, truly, speechless. Once in a lifetime opportunity for you to talk to a woman, and now its gone... :)

Dai, she said something jokily about people who slyly film her, but you were doing it honestly in front of her. Maybe she was talking about her boyfriend hiding the camera in the bedroom? Could have been another question for you Matt!

I see !

Nick, I will be home on Wednesday/Thursday from Bournemouth so I can sort out the video then and I can help you with any more information you need from the interview.