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Motorsport Events Driving Academy

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Has anyone done one of these? The blurb says:

Heyford is a former US airforce base, closed in the early 1990s and now used largely for car storage.

We are running our highly successful Driver Training Academy Days at this venue. The training will be hugely entertaining and will be suitable for drivers of all levels. Topics covered will include:

Driving Approach & Car Preparation
Seat position
Braking/Accelerating/Car Balance
Emergency Avoidance and Braking
Track Day Driving Etiquette
PLUS a Track Driving Session.

If anyones been to one of these Id be interested to hear about it (I need all the help I can get!)
  VW Transporter 174

They are run by a guy called ED Moore and have been to two of his track days where i had private tuition with ED which incorporates much of what you have listed.
I found my
instuction very usefull and can wholeheartedly recommend Ed as a instructor.
One of my friends has been to one of his academys and said he found it better than a full blown track day.

172 Slayer

Kemble in september,172 vrs Slayer could be interesting
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Yes I got an email from the aforementioned Ed Moore - seems ok. Im thinking of the one at Heyford on 31st August (wife away on hen weekend woohoo!!). Alternative is a whole day at Palmersport on the GT course though - tough decision!

Thanks for the feedback.
  (ex-2.0 Hybrid)CorradoVR6

Quality I live 1 mile away from heyford air base. I might be up for that cheap as well.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Text from Eds email:
"You stated an interest in attending our Academy Day at Heyford on 31st August 2002.

This events has been constructed in order to bring all standards of driver up to the next level. The main components of the day are driving dynamics, car balance, oversteer and understeer with a track driving session in the afternoon. The cost of the day is only £79.

We will have a number of instructors on hand to monitor your progress through the day and coach you every step of the way. This is an invaluable way to improve your driving and track driving forever. You will be amazed at how much you will learn."

Tempting huh?
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Woohoo! Another Cliosport event in the making See you there! The event starts late(ish) with signing on between 10.30 and 11.00.

Me too

Ive just cleared that date with the misses and its free.

Just need to give them a call in the morn to check for spaces and get myself booked in.

Nice one Mike.
  VW Transporter 174

If i may,can i suggest Hullavington as the circuit to put your £20 voucher towards your next ED Moore event.
Its a power track with two long straights with a hairpin between.
I was lucky to get a ride in a EVO V11 which was hitting the bend at 120-awesome!
Kembles a handling track but still good.

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Nice one Rich Wheres Hullavington then Slayer? And what do you think of Kemble - Ive never been there either.

Hullavington is (still ??) an RAF station in Wiltshire just North off of the M4 and near to Chippenham. I had a mate who was based there when he was in the Army.


Mike/Anyone. Do you have a telephone no to book the event?

Either Im blind or there isnt any contact details on the link you posted.


Rich, There is a form you can fill-in and they will reply to you - I also added a message to their forums expressing my interest... just waiting for a response form them today.

Apparently as of yesterday afternoon they had 10 places left for this event, so should be fine to get on there...

Add a response to the thread on their forums then, they check that daily...

P.S. Why arent you signed into MSN ??

Add another one to the list!

Well guys, obviously I cant miss out, so Im there too, just spoke to Ed who is holding a place for me

Now, off to get the bits to do the suspension work


Me too!! Got an email from Natasha asking me to confirm back by email and then print out the form and send it in the post with the cheque.

Should be sweet... the only down side being is the car gonna hold up to 2 track sessions in less than a week ?? I hope so!!!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

My thoughts exactly Mark. I have a pile of nearly-new Contisports in the back garden ready for fitting. Its gotta be done though