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Much Cleaning Advice Needed

  RS Clio 200
Hi Guys,, i just bought a clio 172 cup to be an ickle project car, and therefore i wanna keep it showroom shiny at all times. Up until now i have always used Autoglym products, although i am still confused to what exactly i need.

Could anyone tell me what the difference is between a wax, sealant and polish.

My mate recommended that i do the following:
wash, clay, wash, wax, wax, polish, polish every 6 months
wash, wax, polish once a month
wash once a week

Thats fine by me, but i have no idea on the product i am going to need to do such a thing - I know there must be better products than autoglym, so can anyone help me out here, with recommendations of products for every stage - and indeed add your own suggestions of wash processes.

will be much appreciated.


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
Use 2 buckets to wash , using a lambswool washmitt . One with shampoo in and one bucket with clean water to rinse the dirty water off the washmitt . Then dry with a waffle weave towel .

I use autoglym super resin polish , then follow it with autoglym extra gloss protection . Then something like the xxx hardcore paste wax from .

Try using this shampoo from carwashnwax , Exreme Body Wash N Wax shampoo , its the best i've used . Lots of other good stuff on his website . I've not tried any of the polishes or sealants from here yet cos i've still loads of autoglym left , but i will when i run out .

You could try the final polish , followed by the Extreme Gloss M Seal , then wax it with the xxx hardcore paste wax . I usually apply them with one of the microfibre applicators . Then buff off with a microfibre towel .