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Muffler VS Induction kit (1.4)

  clio 3 05

Im wanting to make the car sound a little bit louder,not chavy-just purr abit.

Its got a K&N filter which adds a miniscule amount of noise.

Im just wondering is it best to go for a sports muffler or an induction kit to achieve more noise but not silly.

(Hence why not purchasing a exhaust system + cost)

  Liquid Yellow 182 FF
Induction kit iffff you must, was going to suggest a full system until I read your in brackets :(
  Mk3 clio 1.5
Just because its says K+N doesnt mean its going to be louder, all your paying for there is a brand. You got a link to the one your buying?
  53 Clio's & counting
If you just want noise mate, and are not bothered about heat soak etc, pop to Halfords/ebay and buy a cheap cone filter - just make sure it is the correct size to go onto your inlet