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My 182 (56k warning)

  RS 182
Hi all - new 182 owner here had my arti 182 for just over a month now and I’m loving every minute of it been checking this forum for a good while now and it was a big help in my decision to go for a 182 (thanks for that) anyway figured it was time I started making some posts so here’s some pics of my 182. Not the best pics ever but its pretty packed in the "car park" atm :rolleyes:

gorgeous, best colour IMO aswell, loving the carbon fibre cup splitter, good choice!! now comes the rest of the comments about lowering, cup spoiler, silver visions etc lol. . . .

  RS 182
Yea so far all ive done is silvertec bulbs and a k-tec splitter, going to get a cup spoiler as soon as I have the money after that Im not sure. :)