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My Black Mk1

Hello everyone, i've been a member of the forum for quite a while now but hardly ever post i just read most of the time. So here's a pic of my current clio and a pic of all 3 that i've owned :)

Currently got a Phase 1 1.4 RT

Mods -
17" BK Racing in satin black
lowered 85/55mm
full 16v interior (green pattern) and polished valver wheel
Scorpion Cat Back S/S exhaust
K&N filter
16v Spoiler colour coded and smoothed
16v front wings (waiting to be sprayed + fitted)

  MK1 Clio 16v
How do your 17" rims not scrape on the back??

I had to replace mine with 15" willy wheels as the rear drivers side wheel kept catching on the metal bracket that holds the rear bumper on.. :(
I've removed the shitpans, filed a few bits of metal here and there, and thats about it really.

I had it on 15" valver rims before with a 120mm drop...that scraped, the road! :D
The-Gunslinger said:
jeleos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mines a 5 door in white, so wanted a black 3dr bt nutin around!

Cheers bud, but surely you could have found a 3 door easy enough?

Thanks for the comments everyone, only problem now is my left rear arch is suffering from the common rust problem! so it's getting a new arch fitted soon along with the 16v fronts :)
I cant believe the response! Theres loads of little touches such as the side strips and bits of colour coding but i'm a student :p my dad keeps telling me to sell up but theres no chance, i love cars and i'm studying car design! dads, what do they know eh!?

Plans -

I'd love a valver bonnet and front bumper, and i'd like to get the plastics painted along with a very light window tint all-round what do you reckon?
I went through a stage of thinking the wheels were too big but i think with them being black they dont look as OTT if you know what i mean, i like em.