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My CAR!!! :’(

i am today without a car as its in for its 18k service! :( hopefully thou it will be worth it and the gearstick and gear box aswell as handbrake will get sorted out! in the meantime my mums driving me round! lol


yeah all back to standard, even took all my sounds at, stuffed the wires under the back seat and some under the original carpet, just, lol

  H22A7 Accord Type R

lol, so how quiet n quick is the car in standard form??? lol compred to ur ram-sock-smelly-air induction kit???

it actually seems bloody nippy and quick with standard airbox! quite suprising, althuogh i am embarassed to put my foot down, specially in 1st gear! lol, try standard thou, it does seem quick, maybe just psychological, probably

  H22A7 Accord Type R

ive been back to normal air box and jetex panel filter for ages now! i prefer the normal engine noise (shame about the ticking)...........exhaust will probably be enough for me


  Audi TT Stronic

i too like the sound of the engine as standard, it quite a nice day today up here in edinburgh, and have been driving about with my window half down. you get a really nice deep roar from the engine when you change to 2nd and floor it.. lurvly..puts a smile on my face..