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My Cherry Red 1.2 mk2 ph2 Clio (FIRST CAR)


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Back in June/July 2013 I was presented with this:


Shame I only took one pic of it in the condition it was in :(

The near side was all smashed in, the light was ripped off and the arch was cracked, both the front shocks and springs were snapped in half, the picture doesn't show you much at all my apologies.

At the time I was only thinking about washing the car as it was green all over even on the inside :L

Skip ahead to mid summer when I started work on it:


Took the front bumper off to allow more to room to work and to get the replacement light in! But before all that I need to sort out the damage to the support bar at the front (forget the exact name)

So to fix it I utilized a mercedes sprinter that was lying around, got it hooked up via chain to the support bar and then drove past the clio with my foot down which pulled the bar out heres after we done it:


Then I used a series of jacks to pull out the rest of the damage:


Next up was that broken suspension!


Doesn't look that bad but it was F**ked!!


While the suspension was out I thought it would be good to tackle the brakes! The discs were rusted to high heavens and the brake pads were just powder :S


Thats the end of day 1!



ClioSport Club Member
Day 2! Finishing suspension and brakes:

Pads and Discs done!


Also got a new light from the scrappy!


Here we skip forward a bit, putting the car back together!


Made do with parts I had (no expense spared haha)


The fitment is pretty good hardly any difference from the damage side and the non damaged side.


Brought it home for some much needed bodywork TLC!



Amazing what a bit of elbow grease can do!

It was a couple of hours before heading off to Atlantis, Dubai so I thought why not give a quick wax over!


Cleaned the engine aswell!


ClioSport Club Member
Going to miss waking up to this :'(

Bye Bye!

Anyway the car has it stands now! Heeps more being done to it at the moment:

Plasti dipped alloys


YES! I will sort out the front plate :)


  RS2'ed 172 Cup
Good effort so far.

I've 'pulled' damage before with a chain, usually front / rear damage and a tree / lamp post to pull against.


ClioSport Club Member
Looks tidy :)

Do you plan to put the RenaultSport kit on it?
Naa the thought of it still being a 1.2 would kill me :)

But I have changed the front grill to the RS one and this week I am changing the headlights to xenon ones.

I did buy some clio 172 alloys which have very minor buckles (didnt know when I purchased) and the buyer refused to take them back so my only option is risk it and use em or ebay it!

Got some colour coding left for the body work (all plastic trim) and some other stuff!


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If they used cherry I'd also have 1 rep. Flame is an amazing colour though in comparison! My cherry red dci is all faded on the boot damn thing


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  RenaultSport 182FF
Haha :)

Ahh nice, small upgrades that make a large difference.

Sounds like a good idea to me, the colour coding will look nice once done, good luck :)



ClioSport Club Member
Yesterday I got my knocking noise fixed!

Found out my suspension on the near side was all loose :L And my off side driver shaft needed replacing which is what caused my to find out the near side fault! Lucky eh?


xenon trial fit!


I like them, shame the adjusters are broken :( Sorting the next step with the seller at the moment.


Then went for a cruise with the lads, we ended up just driving through the country even though we didn't know where we were lol! Best drive this year by far!

  Clio Mk2,Mazda3sport
Looks good and the repair has come along nicely and pasti dipped alloys look smart


ClioSport Club Member
The car as it stands now sorry for no updates been busy. Before I begin making visual mods I am having this problem with my suspension this Clio doesn't drive like other Clio's. ABS light wont go away even with new sensors so I guess there must be some intermittent fault somewhere.


Dont worry the front plates will hopefully be going soon! New plates worth 4 times the car lol


ClioSport Club Member
Simon_16v Cheers dude! I want to make it like a Dynamique Sport not a sport rep! I am colour coding the black exterior trim once I have some things sorted. But got some major problem with klunking on full lock and some steering things thats just never been fixed so that needs a serious look through.


ClioSport Club Member
Simon_16v will do cheers! handling never been right on this thing I have driven a 1.4 clio mk2 and 1.1 (65bhp) mk2 and they feel very different to this. Its kind of annoying! Just ordered 10mm spacers for the front wheels which should stop my wheels rubbing against the suspension. I have a new nearside wish bone and a offside driveshaft the problems have reduced in severity but are still annoying. French cars eh?


ClioSport Club Member
Put in the speakers the other day!

Had these lying around for 10 months and now I finally got around to putting them in, heres the somewhat temporary setup.

Sub box bolted through the chasis, the rear seats removed, the car sound deadened, and the parcel shelf holders cut in half so that the box would fit.



ClioSport Club Member
Had some free time and some gloss black spray paint from the old 99p store so thought I'd respray my front grill I got off AlexW a while back to get some life back into it!

Before (looks worse then it is in the pic):

Didnt take pics while spraying but I hanged it on the washing line and sprayed it on a pretty windy day lol!
Took my time with it (about 4 hours total including drying time)

Fitted back on the car after respray:


To keep the plastic finish spray very thin light coats onto the grill. I applied about 7-8 coats took me 5 minutes making sure I covered front and rear of the grill. Very happy with the outcome looks new!

The finished product at CS14!!


Cars going in for respray next week having all the s**t repaired and all the black trim is being colour coded! Wheels are being fully refurbed and finished to BMW black. New reg is also going on next week and soon after it will be lowered :)


ClioSport Club Member
Certainly getting better! First time I've seen this thread.

Did you sort the ABS issue?


ClioSport Club Member
AlexW Cheers! Naa ABS issue still there. I plugged the machine in and cleared it after replacing both sensors and driveshaft ABS rings and it comes back on once I full lock it. When I was careless I went over a curb that was like 20cm high and slammed the car to the ground which caused the light to come on many months ago. I have no idea what could cause it?


ClioSport Club Member
Respray finished!!! Needs a few more bits doing but looks amazing compared to when i got her!!


Took her to London to meet up with Yianni and the boys!

  1.2 Campus Sport
Amazing transformation. Did you manage to get new headlight adjusters?
Youve really done well to repair the damage!


ClioSport Club Member
FuSSionZ headlights still need restoring. I have my old adjusters but I need to crack the light open to install them and I know Ill break it if I do so atm my lights just point down lol! there all cloudy aswell because they need refurbing the lights dont even shin through properly.

Thanks for the kind words!


ClioSport Club Member
roryb plasti dip is some strong sh*t! They have been thrown around slid against concrete you name it! and nothing at all! I even drove with them when they were wet through country lanes and it did not ruin the finish. Worth every penny! £40 I think the cans cost me.
roryb plasti dip is some strong sh*t! They have been thrown around slid against concrete you name it! and nothing at all! I even drove with them when they were wet through country lanes and it did not ruin the finish. Worth every penny! £40 I think the cans cost me.
Sweet, sounds good. I wanted to do my splitter a few people said it would look s**t stone chips and stuff. I did my badges with it and they look great just need to find it in my house then ill do my splitter haha


ClioSport Club Member
Coilovers ordered should be here next week! Cant wait to see her sitting lower also getting the spoiler and door handles colour coded at the moment so that should be ready for next week when I also put the coileys on :) Need to get my new tyres and change my cambelt as I am 14,000 miles over due...
Loving how she looks atm so much has been improved since when i got her:



ClioSport Club Member
UPDATE! Got my coilovers installed last week and I am loving them!! Get my michelin PS3's put on this weekend so that will make the front wheel fill the arch better like the rear.
Car is looking really smart, the ride isn't to bad either its just back breaking lol.
Proud of how far shes come although today after work she didnt want to start for some reason. The engine turned over but wasn't firing I believe it was the immobilizer so I locked the car and unlocked it and then she started!! But stupid me had locked the car with the keys in the ignition (car was running) and the door shut as I went out to shut the bonnet meaning I was locked out of the car while the door was locked and the engine was running 😧 After failing to attempt to break into the car via the passenger door lock I pried open the sunroof (about 1cm) and used a metal rod to press the unlock button which fortunately opened the car!!!

Anyway before and after:


Some more shots of it lowered, looks more aggressive now I must say!

The 'I've taken a photo and I kind of like it'


West Midlands
ClioSport Area Rep
Looking tidy, my Clio is my first car and I'm 17 if you don't mind me asking (PM if you rather) what do you pay insurance wise on it?


ClioSport Club Member
Small update got the rear spoiler resprayed, rear window tinted and the Michelin PS3's fitted!
Looking almost complete on the exterior, door handles are being spray atm bought a spare set of iceburg ones for £10 posted bargain!

New number plate added to our collection (ford Ka) love collecting them!


ClioSport Club Member
Before any further mods I need to fix the sunroof leak as the carpet is drenched in water which sucks! Emptied a bucket full of water on Sunday evening.
Going to slightly tint the rear lights. Enough so that the clear circle goes slightly dark.
The electric system is getting the Big 3 upgrade within a week or so. Should see a noticeable difference in the increased current flow (it might even add +25hp..... only joking to many people on here take things to heart).