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My Clio Williams for hill climb and rally

  Hillclimb Williams
So, new here so wanted to show you what i've been playing with during this past months.
The toy is 1994 Clio Williams 2. The car was in terrible condition: handbrake wasnt working, rear suspension was broken, rear brakes didnt work at all, front wheel alignment all wrong, spark plugs all different... the list just goes on and on. So the first thing when i got the car was a paintjob. it used to be black with big bumps and cracks all over the car. now it is blue(even though i told the guy to paint it subaru blue) and not just that, he even didnt fixed all of those cracks but the race season was starting so didnt really had time to waste, and after all, the paint job was free...
Then the mayor work started. Fixed all of the suspension, putted new modified rear suspension with adjustable koni's all around. it got 4 new clio rs ph2 brake discs and new brake pads with rally pads in front. lowered the car to the maximum at the rear, but still need to play with the front though. it got new denso racing spark plugs and new air filter, omp strut brace, new oil filter, and a new siemens gr.a electronic. also there is a new fuel pump and 2 cm spacers all around, completed with oz f1 wheels. in the inside it got alcantara sticker on the dash, new omp trs racing seat with new omp belts and buckles. the roll bar was already there, pretty solid structure, gr.a regulations..
So, all in all, the car IS SUPPOSED TO produce(but im not sure) around 170 hp, shooting it out through the straight pipe rally exhaust.
only thing that worries me is the fact that its engine is not fully original. it has laguna 2.0 16v block with f7p manifold, but everything else is (at least i was told so) williams parts.
Now i will let the pics do the rest of the talking(hope i didnt exhaust you with my part lol)