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My clio!

  1.2 clio dynamique
clio standard.jpgas it came.

Hunted for some alloys, found these for £200 on ebay!
Photo0101.jpga little laquer peel but they look nice.

Decided i want the bullets and badges white. chose ford diamond white....

IMG_0406.jpg oh i got bullets, side strips from breakers yard for £10 the back badge panel was silver so i sprayed it black along with the side strips.


Needs a clean, and rs grill!
Photo0113.jpg please comment with any suggestions
  1.2 clio dynamique
ye ive been thinkin bout it, money is the problem at the min, gonna give it a clean today looks like a diff car!


ClioSport Club Member
  Octavia vRS
Not a fan of the wheels. Badges are alright though. Are those rear tyres on the right way round?