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My Cup + Rallye

  Seat Leon Cupra 290
few pics, aint taken any yet so though t might aswel, i know its raining but im bored





:eek: When I wanted one I couldnt find one within a 100 miles of me! They are gorgeous cars mate, if you ever sell it give me a heads up ;)
  Seat Leon Cupra 290
dont think the rallye will be for sale for a while, love it though, used to have a s2 rallye, that was cool
What's the performance figs on the itbs mate. Trumpets look short as hell and you still have the slam panel.


ClioSport Club Member
  Extreme mode
i thought tb's need the slam panel removing? looks a 'sleeper' as its standard looking from outside ;) nice
  182 and 5 GTT
Was gunna say the trumpets looked really short. Do the size of the trumpets make alot of difference?
The itbs he has have smaller trumpets thus less power and retaining the slam panel I beleive.
  Seat Leon Cupra 290
yeh its running a lot less power because of pretty much no trumpets, im making some new ones as webers longest trumpet is about 39mm or something, getting some jenveys and fabricating up some sort of bracket,

and yes then the slam panel will go but until then theres no point
  106 GTi
Would love a Black S1 Rallye, remember seeing one on the dealer forecourt brand new in 1995 wanted it as a first car lol.

Very nice.
  Seat Leon Cupra 290
love the rallye, proper drivers car, and as for the my setup looking like a farm, i wouldnt recomend webers kit, may end up getting jenveys in the end. nothing wrong with it of course, just not very user friendly