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My install

Just thought Id post a few pics of my install it consits off

Pioneer 8600 headunit running active
2* PHD 2200 amps one for mids one for sub
PHD FB Pro Comps
PHD 2050 for tweets
Coral 10 inch and passive radiator sub system

all jam packed into a 2003 clio

each 2200 amp is rated at

200 wrms @ 4 ohm
400 wrms @ 2 ohm
800 wrms bridged into 4 ohm

the 2050 is rated at

50 wrms into 4 ohm
100 wrms int 2 ohm
200 wrms bridged into 4 ohm

meaning I have 200 wrms going to each mid speaker
50 wrms going to each tweet
800 wrms going to the sub

the sub is rated at 400wrms
the comps are rated at 150wrms per side so plenty of headroom for each

all tuned for sound quality but can bass too



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yes i am same username

yes it is a brax voltmeter

yeh i know its dirty tweets are in stock locations to pods were made by a mate of mine

sub box was specifically designed like that to show off the amps under the plexiglass however there was a small problem due to the huge magnet on the coral also I wanted to keep in usable I did contemplate doing a full fiberglass boot build which as said would look lots better however I still wanted some boot space and this was a good compormise.

Also all the plexiglass is hinged allowing easy access to the amps

under the floor

The powered coral
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Just would have looked tons better if you didnt have so much plexiglass - i.e. smaller bits that show off the logo on the amps that way the wires/strut bracing etc would all be hidden and you could have highlighted it with some leds or something for a bit of wow
there are some leds there already but you cant see them as it was day when I took the photos.

It was made so that I could get full access to all the amps the struts accross the ceter stop the plexiglass from breaking :)