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My Mk1 Ph3

  Punto/Clio GTT

worst angled picture ever award goes to...


looks smart from the front, them wheels look abit like momo arrows i think, anymore pics?

nice tho, not seen many in green

[Edited by Final_Maxim on 06 March 2005 at 4:27pm]

lol then another few pics magically appear
  Punto/Clio GTT

dont like the backend at all, it needs a spoiler of some sort, 16 valve spoiler, anythin, just looks too bare.

mint apart from that tho :)

Looking good Adam :D

Whereabouts are those pics taken?

Always on the lookout for decent photographic locations on the south coast.
  Twingo 133

Lol, the wheels are Fox Evo 5s

I do have 16v spoiler, just the paint job isnt very good so going to get it sprayed again before clipping on again.

Took it at place near to lee on the solent. that road floods on high tide.

trying to get some pics up but dont work :confused:
  LY 200

I would mate!!!

My old 1.2 sat the same as that and it was the only thing i didnt like about it!!!

hey mate
nice to see the car again!

I might be back down in fareham again a weekend soon, once ive shifted this 16v shell, be cool to check up again
i heard about some trouble everyones been having there about meeting in underground carparks? seems like a right load of tosh :p
  Twingo 133

Cheers for the comments.

Cool give me a shout if your local. you got my number ;)

Yeh the locals are making up some storys and some ppl are ruining it for others. think they have organised a place to hang out now, which the police dont mind. they had another story in the news.

You still got the Discs and Calipers?

Quote: Originally posted by nathanH on 07 March 2005


No, as a Ph3 boot has a 3rd brake light, a Ph1 doesnt.
But a smoothed Phase3 wouldnt have a brake light either.. hehe.
  Twingo 133

I think what he ment was which one was it as there is more work involved in smoothing a ph3. so more chance of it not looking as smooth as you have to weld the brake area.