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My New 182 clio :)

  Renault clio 182
Hi guys, i have previously been on the site before with my old 172 sleeper but forgot my username. I sold my 172 a year ago and since then have tried out many different cars including, mk1 focus rs, vxr astra, nissan 350z, subaru impreza wrx sti and ive got to admit, i didnt have as much fun as i could in a clio. So ive decided this time on a 182, got my fist mod straight away being the supersport k-tec exhaust and i love it. Many mods to come :)


  Renault clio 182
how do you know that

When I rang k-tec to order some parts, gave them the reg and they said it's an import.

And as for the plans, it's going on coilovers soon, and maybe few other bits and bats with updated engine mounts, solid top mounts ect, then want to focus on over 200bhp, struggling between throttle bodies or low pressure turbo. There just very very costly :/