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My New Clio 197 Cup

  RenaultSport Megane R26.R
Ok guys. Picked up the 197 this morning.

Over the moon with it. :)








ClioSport Club Member
Stunning but I just Love the 197's with the Cup Spoiler and maybe the Splitter aswell
  Meg R26, Nissan 200sx S13
great car, dont like the cup spoiler, reminds me too much of fast and the furious crap lol
  In between cars....
Looks cracking steve mate, hows those layers of wax going on ;)

Whats the plans for it then?


ClioSport Club Member
  Extreme mode
Excellent!!! AC? Wait untill she has a few miles under the belt :)
  B/G 182 + PH1 Track
Love it but after seeing one with a Cup spoiler the other day, it looks a bit odd. Didnt like the spoiler in picture but in the flesh its great imo


ClioSport Club Member
Mint :cool:

No more using tech wax though steve, it's shite on anything other than black :p

Yella's nana by the looks of things?


ClioSport Club Member
  RS6+ & 40d MSport X5
prefer white on white with these but its still nice!!
  Scirocco GT 2.0
V Nice! Especially in the white :approve:

I well can't decide whether to get a 197 or a Megane 175/225 next :(