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my valver topspeed disapointment

went to southend lastnite and when i got close to home on the dual carriageway i thought i would open her up a little bit took it up to the redline in 4th (!!5mph)and put it in 5th expecting it to cruise quite easily round to 130-135 and it just went burrrr and slowly crept to !20 and stayed there i let off at this point a little embarrassed:oops: as my mate was wiv me.

ive just had a willy gearbox put in and new clutch.would/could the box do this??the acceleration is fine,i never tested the top end spd wiv the other box so aint sure if its that

any ideas

I suspect its down to the willy gearbox.

What revs are you pulling at 120mph? (on a valver box its 6000RPM)

The Williams box ratios are longer than a valvers so the engine isnt revving high enough in 5th i.e. not producing the power, to pull it to 130mph & beyond.

could be the box mate, i THINK that the willy box has a longer fifth so the valver engine would struggle to porduce enough torque to get you past 120. Another big point is, on my clio and others i have spoken to, keeping your foot planted in fifth is no good, you have to gradually put your foot down. i.e. back off until the car stops accelerating and then increase the pressure on the pedal as the revs start to increase. Does that make sense? The reason being, the more restrictive the throttle is, the faster the air moves and therefore produces more torque(i just completely made that last bit up:D)

thanks guys

im not to bothered as i wont really use the topend and u shouldnt b doing that sortve speed anyway;)

and im quite happy wiv the acceleration wiv the new box.

Just out of interest, what revs you pulling in 5th with the williams box.

The valver is about 20mph/1000rpm
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

Running 17s? Some say these give u a higher top end speed but they probably require more torque than a standard 16v has to get it higher than 120, the 15s on my 16v gave me 30 easy. ;)

i dont uderstand mate, ive got a willy 2 and it pulls to 140 no problem, but the box only allows it to do 104mph in 4th not 115mph, the 1800 should pull to 130mph with a willy box so id make sure its right mate, kelly who is a girl who comes on here with a williams has just had a "so called willy box" fitted and the ratios are well out compered hers before she blew it and to mine and another lads on the rollers. so she is going mad on the company who fitted it. you should be having better bottom end and being able to pull right to your top speed with a willy box.

hope you sort it mate


I meant the valver does 20mph PER 1000revs e.g. when you are doing 80 its 4000rpm, 100 its 5000rpm etc.
  Clio Phase II 16V

Ive had my valver up to 120 in 4th @ 7000 - 7500RPM Cant remember

Its suppost to have a completely standard ECU and has had no engine mods.

Ive had over !30 MPH a couple of times.

Does it sound as if mine has been chipped ? as the engine dont cut until it gets to 7500 RPM
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

Quote: Originally posted by Tom_16v on 01 April 2003

I meant the valver does 20mph PER 1000revs e.g. when you are doing 80 its 4000rpm, 100 its 5000rpm etc.
That is true for mine Tom.

What does the Williams do at 3grand in 5th? 16v = 60mph.

125 mph is possible from a valver in fourth thats just before limiter cuts in at 7.6k

so yeah you getting 120 and stuck means there is something wrong somewhere


Quote: Originally posted by jimbo9999 on 01 April 2003

if you car goes to 75000 revs then the ecu has been altered as the rev limiter is set on all 18 16 v as 72000 revs


Yup, Id say at 75000rpm the chip has been altered. Are there four round holes in the bonnet? ;)


the revs in 5th at 80=4000rpm

at 100=5000rpm

but its just got not go in 5th,my nova 1.3sr nova done !22 top speed!!

the acceleration is very rapid

wot should/can i do???

just read rys post on hp ik ,ive got a hillpower IK could this be resricting my car slightly and holding it bk at topend?my exhaust is also blowing!combine wiv the gearbox ratios could this affect it that way?

help my cars slow :(
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Willy box is about the same through the gears except a longer 5th which is to take advantage of the greater torque. A standard-ish 16v just hasnt got the oomph to be able to pull the longer ratio. This is probably the problem. Even on a standard 16v box, I always found it hit a brick wall at 125mph. Not that it cant do more than 125, just that its a lot harder. Beyond that you really need a good long stretch, or a bit of downhill to see 130+
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

its the lack of torque under the valvers bonnet that is the broblem. 2.0 bottom end would sort it.