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My Valver

  COLTCZT,Clio 440T project
  COLTCZT,Clio 440T project
oh yes! especially since i went from a 1.2 to it! :D ive only had it a few hours nd im in love with it already! :D its stupidly quick!


North Yorkshire & Humber
ClioSport Area Rep
I like the zorst mate - looks good - you got any closer pics?

Just need to dug yourself some centre caps out from somewhere.

Its a modern classic.
  MK1 Clio 16v
Looks nice! As said above, needs centre caps! It's certainly an old one though, how many miles has that beast done?

I'd give it a good servicing before you give it abuse...

Also looks like the drivers side indicator is orange whereas the other side isn't? Might just be the angle of the photo though.
  COLTCZT,Clio 440T project
yea it needs a service! its done about 100,000, it still need a few bits doin, theres a few patches of rust nd need touchin up in places. today ive painted the front grill black, put my williams interior in inc carpet :) need belts tho :( lol. i have put tinted rear lights on and tinted boot strip. fixed the bonnet catch 2, wasnt actually the catch but it was the cable. ill let u know wat i have done 2 it 2morro. thanks for the nice comments guys!

Ill take more piks 2morra, the other piks were off before i got it! ill get a close up of the exhaust 2.
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  COLTCZT,Clio 440T project
hey guys, just a few more piks i have took 2day. i have done a few more thing to her, i have tinted the side repeaters and indicators, i have put a black sunstrip on, put a black reno badge at the front :D looks excellent i think! and i have also cleaned and waxed her!
Tell me wat u think, hope it looks better than before i got it lol!