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N80 v N73 - User opinions

I have an N80 at the moment, i love it to bits but its annoying as the f**king thing keeps crashing, losing my data, crashes programs and stops them working. I have been looking at taking it back to O2 and saying i want an N73 due to the fact the N80 is shocking and the fact i cant update it due to O2 not releasing the software to Nokia.

But if i change to the N73 will i be getting a better phone, i need to know its worth it. I know ill be losing WIFI and the amazing screen but is that it?



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Upgrade the firmware yourself, it's pretty simple....

...the phone is about a million times better after the upgrade.
Just updated my n80 with Nokia Software updater, new version just come out with updat for 3, you tried it to see if there is a new version for 02?


The only superior thing about the N73 is the camera.

Other than that the N80 is technically speaking a superior phone.

However my p990i hands it its arse.
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I like my N80 especially with new firmware. However the slider is a pile of sh*te, whoever designed that wants sacking then shooting.


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As stated many times on here, if your n80 is crashing/freezing a lot then you're most likely on the old firmware, you need to do one of the following:

1) Wait for a network branded version of your firmware. (possibly zero chance)
2) Find a friendly nokia service center who will flash on the generic firmware for you.
3) Flash it your self, fairly easy.

The phone becomes about eleventy billion times more stable after the firmware update.


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Apparently V4 is now available via the nokia software updater for orange users. I guess that's quite a few of you!
I've just got an N73 (about a week ago) it's frozen up twice now :mad: so i'm less than happy.
Every Nokia i've ever had did it too. I'm going to update the firmware on it & see if that works.
Spoke with O2 today, they said they might not even support V4. So took it down to the Nokia Service Centre and they said they are 75% sure they can install Generic software on to it but they need to ask 02 and Nokia first.

Taking it back next weekend to get sorted.

If they cant then i am demanding a different phone from 02 due to the shityness

Do you have a link to a newer firmware for the N73? I have an unbranded phone on Vodafone but can't seem to find a release anywhere. I understand that there is a V3 release (currently on V1) - I'm trying to solve the issue with reading 2 gig Sandisk cards and the constant dropping of the bluetooth GPS receiver in tomtom.

Any info greatly appreciated.
sorry cuppaT - I don't have a link for it, I was just going to use the one at the top of the page on here tbh, but the n73 isn't on the nokia list:dapprove:
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im on o2, and have manually flashed my N80 to v4, works perfectly and loads of glitches are sorted! even improves battery life!