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Nando's Chesterfield Meet


ClioSport Club Member
Just gauging some interest on this. I know Chesterfield is a pretty strange location as it sits on the border of East Mids and South Yorkshire so I thought it could be a good chance for the two to combine for a gathering before the year goes out.

So, would anyone be up for it? Weekends, weekday evening etc. What's best for everyone? There is a bowling alley a mile or two down the road too, could make it more than just a meal and go for a few games beforehand?

Any thoughts?

Link to Nando's Chesterfield

Link to Chesterfield Bowl


ClioSport Club Member
Not trying to step on anyone's shoes btw here, I just wanted to organise a local (to me) meet and see if it would get much interest as I know there are a few members in the Derbyshire/Worksop area now.


ClioSport Club Member
No you little stirrer, reps got announced other week I just wanted to organise a local meet as they're always miles away. Don't think it's worked though, it will probably be just me and you haha.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172 Cup
Would be up for a meet, is there one this Sunday at The Tawny Owl over Newark way? Bit of a drive but up for a spin out!
  Clio16v/225 Trophy
You'll never be able to please everyone with a single date chap so just pick one. End of the month normally works as the CS ballers have all been paid and those that can will make it. I'd be up for it though.

I'd be up for joining but Sunday's suck for me as it's the busiest work day -.- Saturday's are cool though!

Edit: I won't know anyone either or bring anyone with me sooooooo.. Awkward ;)