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Nearly played my last this morning

Ok, so Im bowling along a road heading toward a set of lights on a main road, and Im turning right, Scooby up behind me, so Im thinking - gotta have a go, dont know what model it is (standard scoob blue, partial reg W5 S??), but its not standard and Ill get toasted, but what the hell :)

So, we both turn right at the lights onto a dual carriageway in the right hand lane, he jumps into the left and rushes up behind a car and I just follow the flow of traffic and am beside him, he looks across, backs off and jumps in behind me, I could see he was swearing at me and generally gesturing, anyway the van infront of me pulls over into a space on the left and I think What the hell, lets gun it anyway and I go for it, scooby up behind me (obviously), the gap increasing and decreasing as we go through the gears - obviously he must have been holding back and (for some reason getting really pissed off at me) then @ about ninety he decides that there is a gap between me (in the right hand lane) and a car one clio length infront of me in the left lane, and he goes for it - it shifts like a good-un, but by the time hes nosing infront of me the gaps that bit smaller, but that fact just passes him by and he dives for the gap - I at that point suddenly realise that if I dont do something this nutta is gonna knock me off into the barriers, so I slam the brakes to get a gap for him to get through, my car squirms all over the shop and I slow down enough so that he can get it, some more gesturing takes place on his part and I simply flash my lights to tell him what a prick I thought he was, and he zooms off as I slow back down to a very calm pace.

Now, I know hes not like all scooby drivers, cos I know a few, and although they may have fast cars they dont act like arses and like a bit of a play when the chance comes around (quite often in some cases), but this guy was something different, maybe hes got such a small prick that he needs to make up for it by showing how big a prick he can be whilst driving! who knows, anyway, just wanted to vent.
  TT 225

Hmm - there are some right knobs on the road. I didnt used to give a sh!t with my last car - but im all the more so weary with the willy - if someone is willing to wrap their car up to get one space in front then fcuk them. Id rather get to work 2 seconds later to ensure my car is still in one piece.

Although some woman in a 1.2 punto tried it on yesterday - LOL
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Blimey John, not a good way to start the day mate! Still, if he drives like that every morning its just a question of whether he dies in an RTA or of a heart attack. It must be sooo stressful driving like a nutta all the time!

I was on the M25 yesterday morning, Junction 6, I’m in lane 1 doing 60ish – look over into the joining slip road and there’s 2 cars ready to join, 1 ahead, 1 behind, there’s no traffic in my lane behind me so we can all filter along nicely. Car in front pulls in to my lane no probs – then I look back over to see the car behind me racing up along side me and running out of slip road, he pushes over in front of me so I inform him that he’s driving like a t**ser. He proceeds to SLAM his brakes on ON THE MOTORWAY, I go to pull round him and he’s swerving all over the shop trying to block me. I thought I was gonna die because this was across 3 lanes of traffic (good thing it’s half term and hardly anyone on the road) I really thought I was gonna die and it sh*t me up for the rest of the day, in fact it’s making me shake thinking about it now…

I just let the idiots go, used to wind me up to much. When you start making rude signs at someone whos already at breaking point you could push them over the edge. And when they start acting like the guy phil has just described I used to follow them home/office and beat the living sh*t out of them.

Now I just stick to the middle lane and laugh at all the knobs braking all the time. I get there maybe 30 seconds later on my 35mile journey to work in a mfar more peaceful state.

Youre right jonny, I have a 40mile trip to work and just try and keep out of the way in lane 1. I see so much sh*t its unbelievable!
  Suzuki SV650

I did the same sorta thing as that scooby did except it was with a ford van and a 306 (not quite in the same league of speed there :p), geez it must of only been inches between the cars & myself, travelling down the A50 thru the centre of Stoke. Doubt Ill try it again, Im lucky they gave me a bit of room, and that Scooby driver is lucky you gave it him too.

Life is too short lads to be arsing about on the roads, you never know tommorrow the same thing might happen and you wont be so lucky and you wontbe able to post your adventures on this board.:eek:
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Same thing almost happend to me the other day, and I wasnt even racing. If Id been racing then his Punto and the young child next to him and me could have been in an accident. Punto had no regard for me or other drivers he just wanted to get as close to my arse as possible then attempt to overtake often in 30mph villages. I eventually reported him.

I had exactly the same thing. Old woman in a Micra doing 50 on tha dual car,rage way. I was overtaking her doing 75 with a car in front when a boy racer in a Calibra came up the inside of me and tried to get in and failed. So he pulled in behind me flashing his lights etc. Car in front of me pulled into the left lane then the Calibra also went of the inside of me again. I thought this time i will not give him any room (i was in a transit van by the way) so he pulled across into my lane i caught his rear end spun him round then hit him square in the side and put him on his roof.

He was slightly injured (mainly to his right hand that happened to be out of his window giving me the Vs at the time of impact).

Police came and said they have had reports of this guy doing the same most mornings on his way to work.

Cups OK. I was driving the works transit.

If people indicate and wait for you to flash them b4 they make a move i will let then in, but if they dont well take it up with my transits front bumper:devilish::devilish:

Quote: Originally posted by JillyB on 25 February 2003

John! :confused:
Jilly, dont get me wrong, Im not some psycho that enjoys beating people up, but I did used to take great offence to people deliberately trying to kill me. Im not talking about people who dont check their blind spots and almost hit you, Im talking about the assholes that try and make you crash. Ive done nearly 600,000 miles (used to be a computer rep) and on the odd occassion someone has needed a lesson.

I just ignore these days, best to be late in this world than...

few weeks ago i was in lane 3 on the M62 overtaking this mondeo, a Range Rover came screaming up on the lane 2 and try to undertake me, as he sped up to the mondeo and level with me i looked across and shake my head, he obviosuly didnt like it and proceeds to undertake the mondeo and swerved across 3 lanes to get infront of me and slams on his brakes, i had to slams on my brakes to avoid going into the back of him and my car was all over the place cause of the sudden braking, a few people behind me actually race up to the Range Rover and giving him the bollocking, which was nice......

Quote: Originally posted by paul172cup on 25 February 2003

He was slightly injured (mainly to his right hand that happened to be out of his window giving me the Vs at the time of impact).
Hee hee, thats poetic justice!


I tend to stick in the inside lane at 55mph on the motorway as Ive had enough of stone chips, aggression and middle-lane hoggers.

If I see someone being a bully to someone and Im in the mood, Ill go to the rescue of that person though!