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Need a decent new contract molbile phone!! Advice needed!!

  Mini Cooper
My new job requires more use of a mobile!! I currently have a sh*tty little pay as you go phone!! Im looking at getting a contract phone with lots of minutes and txts in with the package, aswell as a decent upto date phone, cmarea, radio, mp3, bluetooth, etc!!

Ive got a budget of about £30 per month!! Any recommendations!!

  133/225/CLS AMG
I'm on T-mobile, I pay £35 a month and for that I get £180 worth of spending on texts and calls. I believe its the 'Flext' contracts they do and I've found them to be very reliable and you also get a text each week telling you how much you've got left to spend.
Three do the best deals by a mile at the mo ;) I rung up orange to cancel my contract they asked who i was moving to so they could match the price, i said three, and they said they couldn't compete!
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT
the three network is pap tho, worst thing iv ever had and was stuck with it for 12 month!
  FF Blackgold 182
I'm on T-Mobile Flext. I pay £35 ish for £180 of credit a month for txts and calls. They have other tarrifs for less money as well all available with current handsets. Hope this helps.:)
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT
mintblue said:
I thought 3 piggyback the O2 network?
it does when it goes out of 'three' range, meaning it cuts calls in the process and takes a good 20 seconds to switch. (meaning u cant call or txt either)

also O2 customers have priority, so i always got 'network busy' errors. usually took 3 attempts to make 1 call!

very annoying! if i got a call in the office and left the office to take it privately it would drop everytime then connect to the O2 network and have full bars!

if ur on the move expect dropped calls every 2 mins. when i was in a car it would but out about 4 times per call.

very s**t!
  Mini Cooper
decided to go for the sony ericsson k800i!! on vodafone, £40 per month (750mins, 250txts and football pack) plus £80 cashback!!

very good deal IMO, works out @ £33 per month if I put the £80 into my bank to pay of the payments!!

What ya reckon to the coice of phone and the deal I got!??
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT
not bad pal. vida offered me 500mins, 1000txts for £35 a month with any phone free.

good u got cashback tho :D
  Mini Cooper
for anyone who doesnt know, football pack measn i can watch soccer am, sky sports news anytime, soccer saturday, all the premiership goals at 5.15pm every saturday and all champions league goals!!
Adams_16v said:
not bad pal. vida offered me 500mins, 1000txts for £35 a month with any phone free.

good u got cashback tho :D

Got the K800i on that too, got phone for free and a 1gig card thrown into the bargin as well.