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Need another car - any thoughts

Guys, Im sticking loadsa miles on me car, so Im wanting to get something else in addition to the Clio to keep the miles down, so heres what Ive thought I could get :

1996/7 Volvo 850 T5 manual

1996ish Scooby (Pos, but gotta be not thrashed to death)

Anyone got any other ideas of what I could get? gotta have some poke to it, and gotta be able to handle ok, max £6k really.

BenR - Yeah, agreed, my dad was always into Volvos, had a great 760 GLE turbo, fantastic, went like stink! so thats why Im considering that, but its just trying to get one round here..... not many people in Brum wana get rid of them I guess

go up north, they get cheaper........

my dad used to run the Volvo dealership in HK till he sold it as they didnt actually make a dent in the mkt place.....

anyway, the 850 was fab......better than fab..i would love one as a family car! especialy a yellow estate! and forget teh T5R, its got traction control..hehe

Been looking into a 93/94 Mazda 323 GTR. 4WD, 1.8L 16V turbo. About the same size as a Clio 16V and has that aggresive look as well. Very tuneable as well through Mazspeed. Long pedigree as they competed in many rallies.

My family has 4 Volvos!! Not really a style statement, (well, old ones anyway) but if youre not worried about fashion then plump yourself into the drivers seat of one. Even a mid 1980s high-spec 240 will easily do the miles and will probably only cost a few bob to buy/insure/youll get your money back at the end!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

There was a thing on Top Gear that said Daiwoos are really cheap at the mo as the company is in administration. OK I was only joking...

har har mike, yeah dont ya just love them Daiwoos!

Nar, I think Im really set on getting a T5, just trying to get hold of one is hard round here.... looking for a decent 1996 850 T5, saloon is pos, manual (obviously) around 6k or less, I know itll be high mileage, but that dont matter on a Volvo as long as its been looked after, so If anyone sees one for sale, give me a shout! :D