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Need help with resistor wiring for Renault sport seats in a 1.2 with no air bags in the seat!

  Renault Clio 1.2
Can someone please please help, ive just brought a set of i believe 172 seats that have air bags on the side of them and i want to swap out my old ones which dont have air bags in and the wiring is completely different. First picture is the wiring on my passenger seat in the car at the moment and the second is the wiring for the 172 seat. I just want there to be no light on the dash as it wont pass mot now. Even if the air bags dont work thats fine i just need some info as im getting so confused as to what to do.


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ClioSport Club Member
  Bean 182
Been a while since I did it on mine but I'm sure all I did was get a 3.3ohm resistor and bridge the pink and cream coloured wires on the red and black connector.


ClioSport Club Member
If the old seats don’t have airbags in them then is there actually an airbag connection on the car side which needs resistors adding?

I guess this is actually the seatbelt pretensioners which the car is being fooled into thinking are still connected? If it is then I’d get the wiring done properly if it was me, airbags can cause serious injury if you’re not properly restrained when they go off and the pretensioners are vital for that.