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need new car

  clio 20v

right as mine is fuked i need a new car i wouldnt like it to be much slower than mine and it has to be about 5k max

suggestions please peeps id like to stay wid reno but i think another valver wud make me sad i did think bout a r5 turbo depending wether i can find a minter and i think a 172 or cup wud make me skint an id hav no money for mods, i cant have a standard car i have some sort of modifying disease


Sorry to hear about your car. Bit hard to stay Renault if you cant have a 16v/Williams or 172/Cup

How about a Pulsar GTi-R or MR2 Turbo (bit hairdressery I know) - both can be had for under £5k and easily tuned to stupid power, and they are quick as f*ck anyway.

Another possibility is what my mate bought for £3.5k - Rover 220 Turbo Coupe. sh*t on handling until modified and an old man image, but again - pretty damn quick.
  clio 20v

id like a cup but i mite get mullered with the insurance likewise with a gti-r or an mr2 turbo with them being imports

thought about a 220 coupe but my g/f sed shed dump me if had a rover lol

lookin thru the trader ive seen a nice golf vr6, a corsa 2l turbo which is lookin very tempting and a 200bhp rs turbo

still keep going back to the page with the valvers on theres a nice silver one on 17s in there :(

also seen a honda civic vti wot these like

  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

Id go for the vti from that lot. Its got a fantastic engine and lots of modifying potential (although modified parts are a little bit more expensive than most)

2 Litre corsas are fast in a straight line but too nose heavy to be fun around the twisties, similar sort of thing with the golf as well. If your looking at RSTs, look out for poorly looked after hand grenades!! The 2.2 VTEC is a good suggestion too.

However all of these are going to be pretty heavy on the old insurance.


Get yourself another 16v or a Willy. Im sure it wont make you sad once youre behind the wheel! I was a bit pissed off about not having my 172 anymore at first, but now Ive got the Willy Im happy again.

  V6 255, 172's, JCW,

Why not get the silver valver with 17s on, and make use of all those mods from youre old one. You can allways find a buyer for the original parts you take off the silver one!
  clio 20v

its quite exciting really even though uve lost a car its good lookin for another toy hehe

also ive always wondered wot it wud be like to roll a car, jus didnt want it to be in my car lol

  mk2 172

yeah mate, mats is a fukin stealth machine wit everything done to it, a real mint machine that does go like f**k and a solid engine
  clio 20v

lol yeh mate think ill be getin a roll cage hopefully not gonna roll the nxt one, gonna buy mats off him its staying stealth mobile too hehe

just need to get me hands on some cash quickly, now where did i put me balaclava an shotgun im off down the bank ;)

  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

This is pretty unlikely but mine may be up for sale if something comes through, however it is completely dependant on that so dont be shocked if it isnt.

Uve seen it i think; black with white speedlines in mint condition and will probably regret selling but ill give u first refusals if you like? Worth 4k. PM me and ill let u know. ;)

I know peps are not gonna like this, my mate has a 380 bhp cossie for sale and is looking around the 5K mark allthough the insurance will muller you OR he also has a heavily modded MK1 GTi golf, if you get the old turbo lump conversion this thing will fly and it would be under 5K i recon.

Adi, very happy to se your getting another valver, if you do get mats i still wont be faster then you!!!:mad:, darn it! i will be one day though! If you dont end up getting mats you could always buy a high miler clio for cheap, drop in your willy lump and box, leathers etc.