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Needed - Christmas gift ideas.


ClioSport Club Member


That time of year is fast approaching again and I am having trouble thinking of gift ideas for my brother, any suggestions would be welcome and Im sure Im not the only person who still has shopping to do.

Some ideas Ive already thought up:

1/ Obviously the cliosport key-ring, I also remember something about a golfing umbella mentioned before.

2/ Ive seen silver Renault logo key-rings. anyone got one? They look a bit naff in pictures Ive seen - probably due to the velvet time case thing they come in ?!!@

3/ There was a mk1 172 brochure for sale on e-bay, but I was out-bidded. I thought it would have looked cool framed.

Any other ideas welcome, if youve recieved a cool car-ralated gift in the past - do tell.
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answer to 2)

sell em at Renault dealerships in parts, if you cant get hold of one email me as im sure mine still has some left


ClioSport Club Member

It all depends really, the sod has been annoying me lately.

I thought of buying him a flash card for his Gameboy advance, so that he can download loads of games of the internet. But Im not sure of the details of how they work, what websites have the games etc. so Im a bit apprehensive.

Looking at anything up to 40 quid if its a really good prezzy.
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Hehe, My brother just bought my Christmas pressie.

Lord of the Rings Extended Edition. Costs half in the UK what it does here so he said hed bring it over with him at xmas.

Now i just need to decide what to get him

The metal Renault keyrings (diamond shape) are far from tacky - They are a seriously, very very cool keyring.

get one!

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You can get these keyrings in Toomey Renault Basildon for £5 if you show your Cliosport card, I think one of the guys sorted out a deal with them.