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New 1.4 16v dynamique

Has anyone got one?

What do you think?

I might upgrade from my 1.2 cos you can get them with 1 years free insurance?

Would I notice much difference?


How much more is it? I dont see many around, most new clio owners have a 1.2, 1.216v or 172, ive only ever see one 1.6. Ting is 1.4 still aint fast, 1.6 is quick but then why not save up and get a 172?
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Id go that little bit further and get a 1.6 16v if you can afford it. A mate of mine has one and its a really good car for the money. 110bhp is going to seem a lot faster than the 1.2. The jump to a 172 puts you in a totally different league when it comes to cost of ownership - believe me!

what is the point for .2? nuthin really, for the sake of a years insurance, atleast up it .8! insurance wont be that much anyway for a 1.2 16v believe




Current insurance £620 fully comp £100 Excess

V6 Insurance £3280 Fully comp £500!!! Excess


I was thinking of doing it cos I bought my car on finance and I could go in swap the car, pay less, have a new car and a bigger engine!

Well if its a matter of a few hundred quid you may as well get it.

Tom - ouch that excess could bite you in the arse, youll have to treat it like a princess! I had my windscreen replaced and passenger sidewindow smashed all in 2 weeks, glad im only on £50 excess! Im sure a thieving tw*t is more likely to scratch and smash ur car in a jealous rage more than mine as well!


when V6s go down....they go DOWN.....

we had almost 75% of hks V6s go down in one weekend once.....and it cost US (not u, you got warrently) a sh*t load in new ECUs wiring looms, fuel systems etc etc.....haha.......but fuel bills are gonna kill ya!

I have a 1.6 16v and a friend has a 1.216v. There is a massive difference. 35bhp is bound to make a difference.

Another thing id note is that difference in the prices of 1.2 dynamiques and the 1.6 is very small. On my last look if i remember correctly a difference of only £600. £600 for an extra 35bhp, proper sunroof and aircon is not bad in my opinion or yer and a cd player

(not sure if the extras are standard accross the range but thats the differences between mine and my mates and i didnt get any optional extras)

Well i got the cd player for free on the extra, and the climate control chucked in because of my dashing good looks. How much was your car? Did you get free insurance? If not what ins grp is it?

Mines insurance group 10 (rather high i thought) and no i didnt get free insurance. I payed 9500 about 2 months after they came out.

Please dont confuse aircon with climate control either(climate control lets you set a temperature, aircon doesnt)

About the insurance too. I was looking at the insurance group of megannes and was boggled by the fact that a 1.6 meganne was only insuranse group 6 or 7(website wasnt totally clear). The performance of mine and the meganne look very similair and i should imagine they have a very similair setup. Any ideas why

Incase anyone is interested too i pay £600 insurance with any driver policey under my fathers name (im 18)

Ill go see if i can find the exact prices of the different clios

cant find the original article with the £600 difference but i have found a 1.6 16v dymanique at £8995(i know it can be found cheaper) and in the same advert a 1.2 expresion(is that even 16v?) at £7999 with neither mentioning free insurance.

The 1.4 is listed at 8499 and is a privalege.

Figures from advert in the yorkshire evening post
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......Insured as ur Dads car? Thats one of the benefits of the 1.2 and free insurance! Everythin is in my name, and im building some NCD, which will help me get a better car in the future!!! Cool!! Glad the car is in my name, got pulled by plod the other night and had the car checked! £30 fine for mis-use of fog lights lol! Never mind the fact that they help you to see in the pissing rain eh!

It was proving too exspensive in my name. A massive difference in the two i will tell you. Ive had 2 producers now and it made no difference to me that it wasnt insured in my name. Well maybe it did a liitle. My dad got a letter saying he may not be aware but his car was been used for illegal street racing(reallity was i was at a cruise where no one was even racing and the cops fenced us in and checked all the cars, a 2 hour wait to get out)

Itd cost me about £1400 for that 1 years ncb which seems a hell of a lot to me. I think your a little older than me though r30bc so maybe it works for you. Mines an any user poilicey too so my whole family can drive it which would be impossible in my name
  H22A7 Accord Type R

CIS by any chance mate??? They are good for policies like that! Yeah im pushin 20, so gettin a little more respect from insurance companies now lol! Should be less than a grand to insure the dynamique in march! good job ive been saving! March will be insurance, tax and probably 2 Toyo Tyres lol! Ah the expense! But then hopefully, that will give me another year of cheap motoring (petrol only)
  H22A7 Accord Type R

Climate control, u get in the car, tell it u want 30 degrees, and it will do whatever to keep the car at that temperature! Basically u just tell it how hot or cold u want it, and it does it! No fiddling of a nob round hot and cold! Tis all digital and very nice! My Dads Skoda has it!

So if you have got the manual one you set the temp with the gauge?

Does that mean that you can cool the car in the summer?

For those that have got manual is it any good?

I have climate control, it looks cool, works quickly and great for resale in these types of car. If you put down ur window it adjusts to keep the temperature the same, wicked! So i can still have the choons a pumpin and keep warm, lol!

I didnt realise you could build up NCB on the free insurance, thats even better! I know peugeot dont let you.
  H22A7 Accord Type R

Renault told me that if i stay with them, they offer a special accelerated no-claims policy, so in effect, i get more than one years ncd if i stay with them, but only one year from them if i go elsewhere! So, all going well..............ill have a 172 next year! LMFAO
  H22A7 Accord Type R

im 20, got the car when i was 19. I drive a company van but i dont get any personal NC from that, so the Clio is the first car in my name, so hopefully with all fingers n toes crossed, by March i will have at least 1yr NCB, + whatever renault offer me on top............God bless the group 3 Clio lol
  H22A7 Accord Type R sucks up petrol and power tho doesnt it? cant be having that on a 1.2 lol

Only if you turn it on! When you want to cane it you can turn it off.

Anyone who has got it is there much affect on power and juice???

just for peoples guide I have just re-insured my Clio 1.2 16V Dynamique, buisness class 2 (policyholder and named to use for work purposes) with lowered suspension and 17s, £527. This includes my 3 points for speeding and the fact that the missus has only been driving for 1 year. Im 24 and shes 23, Renault offered £577 (going to £638 with their payment scheme!)

Dont know if many people have tried but I use for all my quotes and they have been superb for the past few years, especially with mods! really good service aswell.

Renault insurance also increased by nearly £100 when I asked to protect my no claims ( I have full NCB ).

This quote may appear a bit high for some but I live in-between Newcastle and Sunderland, and they make the car crimes of Europe tremble in fear.

I have drove the 1.6 and yes, they have a lot more power, no contest really and the fuel bill wasnt much different cos I wasnt ringing the 1.6s neck to get it to move as I often do in the 1.2. However, in a setup race, and dont ask me how, I have beaten a mates 1.6 along a country lane type road, maybe my suspension drop meant I handled better? (either that or my insanity when it comes to this particular road)

I was goin to change the 1.2 for a 1.6, but to be honest, chip filter and exhaust and you aint that far behind one, plus you sound better for the mods, if your hp company dont shaft you on the payments go for it, just remember that the 1.2 16v has dropped significantly in price and the trade book proce (which is what they will try to offer ) is only £5600!! A lot of money to loose in one year!

A chip, filter and zorst and you wont be far behind a 1.6 16v? find that kinda hard to believe mate - I think you woud be better getting the handling sorted and driving on limit that way rather than tuning the 1.2

I doubt you can get 35 bhp thats nearly 50% more for the 1.2 by adding a chip, zorst and filter. And if you put that lot on the 1.6 16v then that would be far better!

The 1.2 16v doesnt do to bad as standard, I mean, you dont really start to see the difference until you hit 3rd gear in the 1.6. But maybe thats because I dont try hard enough or just cant be bothered.:confused:

The good thing about the 1.6 though is that you dont have to rev the tits off of it to get a decent pace. It behaves more like an 8valve than a 16, lots of low down torque.