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New 172 Front seats

  320d M Sport

Has anyone fitted new seats in their 172? If so got any pics, only I reckon some Cobra jobbies (trimmed to march of course) would look good?


paddy, hiya!

if you are replacing your RS seats, how much you want for them?

im in singapore can mail me at

ta heaps!

Hi M8,

I can let you have my 172 Mk2 front leather / alcantra seats with side airbags (4 months old) for far less than the renault cost.

so, about £950 for the pair.


if you are interested in mine, drop me a mail at

I may also let the rear set go for a similar price - or £1600 for the set.

all headrests and mountings etc included

no door panels though. I will be keeping those.


capt...sorry, i just checked out the freight cost and gee, with the cost of the seats themselves, i dun think i can afford them id lobve to have the full set for 1600 but itll go way over 2000 with the freighting...*sigh*

hello sorry to bump this old thread back up but ive been away i just wonderd what sort of price any1 has paid for 172 leather and how much it is from a DEARler
  honda accord 2.4 type s

Andy, got mine bought and delivered for £450 from Cit-Ren in Norwich (considering i live in Newcastle, didnt think that was bad) Saw your thread, what a t**t to put in!! I ended up stripping the old frames down, and putting the 172 cushions over the top to get a proper fit. What colour are the door cards? as my seats are the grey/blue ones with the three colours embrodied in, i think yours were the darker ones

Mail me at if you got any pictures of the door cards to see if they match

nope sorry not got the front door cards just the back ones theyre black alcantara black plastic inc speakers they wont fit a valver