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New 172 Seats

  320d M Sport

Sorry to disappoint but I dont actually have new seats, just that since sitting in all the cars at the NEC my seats feel a bit cack now, sooooo, has anyone fitted new ones?? Would love to see some pics as seriously thinking about buying some Cobras and having them trimmed to match.....



ps-SL55 AMG £1150 per month....bargain!!;)

I have been and still am checking out seats. AutoXs in Milton Keynes had a few Corbeau seats on display, and one of those was OK.

Ill also pop down to Grandprixracewear at Silverstone Circuit this week, and try a few more.

Let me know how you get on!
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

Look very pricey, especially trimmed, although they look a very nice colour already!!
I now what you mean about the seats. You do tend to wallow about a bit when youre pushing it. I previously had Recaros which were very snug and induced even more confidence to throw it about!!
  320d M Sport

Think in Fabric theyre about £250 each? They Black/grey might even not need trimming, plus you could sell you "old" 172 seats here with ease....

  Silver Fabia vRS

Probably MK? Only seen one Cup round Bedford and that is Ians (Enid on here) and he lives about 2 minutes drive from me.

Aaah maybe then. Just that the guy in the MK dealer was saying about a guy with a cup that lives in Bedford and is on a/this(maybe) website