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New bits.....Induction/K and DTM’s

  RS Megane DCi 175

Not sure on those mirrors tbh mate - they will prob look better in carbon.
Car is lookin sweet tho!

Dont like the mirrors, just dont look right.

Like what youv done with the induction kit, would like to do that for my RT, how u do it?

Give the mirrors time guys.....I wasnt that keen when fitted them, but I think they look cooool now!

The I/K is a Green 19 16v induction kit with length of hose added...will need to fit the 19 16v T/B to make it fit tho

cant decide if i like the mirrors or not :S

they look ok but i really like the standard valver mirrors tbh
  Clio 182

Not sure on the mirrors, they look too skinny for the beefy valver....whats the advantage of a 19 16v TB dude?!
  Willy, Willy 2, V6

dont like the mirrors as i really love the phase 1 mirrors which are tiny compared to phase 2/3 mirrors.


ClioSport Club Member
  Alpina D3, AC Cobra

Quote: Originally posted by Winston on 01 April 2005

Yeah... locating some where down there lol maybe straight down with a scoop?

The mirrors are growing on me......Should look sweet once its slammed:D

Ive got an under body air scoop leading to my green i/k. It sticks out of the sub frame at the bottom. It can act as a water scoop though lol. Can get some pics if you want.


ClioSport Club Member
  Alpina D3, AC Cobra

Heres the pics for you Winston. The actual scoop part is made from the bend which originally goes under the air box since it would be pointless to hang an expensive bell mouth under there. This is pushed through the sub frame and held in place by lots of cable ties. From there i just used some heatreflective ducting to my air fitler. The system isnt perfect yet due to the lack of and heat shield but im still designing this.

As for the scoop is hold up pretty well. Its not too low so it doesnt get knocked off by those bloody speed humps. I have done 110 with it on round my private track and it didnt disapear! I also did a few very scientific tests with a hose pipe to see if it would act as a water scoop and no water ever got to my filter so i took that to be a good thing. As for any difference it makes i feel it is a big step up for just an oper filter.