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New Camera!

I sold my Ixus 50 to get a digital SLR but im holding fire till i can afford what I really want..

So I had to buy a replacement in the form of the Ixus 60.

Cracking little camera, tiny, 2.5" screen with viewfinder too. Also has the benfit of going up to iso 800 which is great for a camera so small!

Highly recommend!
  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2
Yup love the Ixus. Will pick one up for times when a DSLR is a little bulky but I still want to get pics - i.e track days when I'm driving. Good piece of kit always performs well in tests + its a canon :)
  Focus ST
Just got a Sony DSC W100. Excellent camera, no blurred imagines yet. Used at Trax without any problems.

It seems that the digital cameras are getting just as good as Film Cameras (for the regular user anyway)...

FACT: The human eye is the equivlent of a 20 million pixel camera...