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New Clio

This weeks autocar has a snapshot of teh vel satis treatment clio

Doesnt look that bad and in all honesty after seeing the vel satis, the new megane and the avantime on the road I quite like them.

New sporty replacement of the 172 expected 2004, no new v6 is planned.

b4 the new sporty version of the clio in 2004 there is supposed to be a turbo version in 2003 - according to sources at Renault dealership - wonder if anyone else has heard this or can verify it (Jeremy??). K
  Skoda Fabia vRS

i could grow to like the fronts, but the back of the cars is just plain awful, like the designers got bored and just knocked summat up quick so they could go home

Seen a new silver megane 3 door version in the flesh, and it looks good (and I HATED all the pcitures Ive seen of them!). A sparty version , if done well, could look very nice indeed.

I still remember absolutely feckin hating the MK172 when it came out. I now gaze lovingly upon the ugly brute (sorry Nicole - dont break down on me!), so I think Ill try and reserve judgement on any confirmed new clios...